Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Din Torah Update

Din Torah pushed off again till...

Lets play a game says Ausband and keller. We will say that we will go to the bais din in Wilyimsberg so we can get ride of the pressure from Harav Eliyashev. Than we will come up with 1 million reasons why we cant make it the day of the din torah.

Can someone please explain why if Keller and Ausband cant make it to the din torah it gets pushed off?

If they think they are right why not go like men...

Comes to show who is really running this fight

Beats me why in the world Keller and Ausband would care whats going on in Cleveland i think they have there own problems that they should solve before they get involved in a different yeshiva...


  1. They are not Men !

    Criminal's YES

    They need a Public Stoning,

    The are not MEN,

    They are Children Playing Games, Is more Like it!

  2. Nu a little more news &/or updates?!