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Din Torah Update

Din Torah pushed off again till...

Lets play a game says Ausband and keller. We will say that we will go to the bais din in Wilyimsberg so we can get ride of the pressure from Harav Eliyashev. Than we will come up with 1 million reasons why we cant make it the day of the din torah.

Can someone please explain why if Keller and Ausband cant make it to the din torah it gets pushed off?

If they think they are right why not go like men...

Comes to show who is really running this fight

Beats me why in the world Keller and Ausband would care whats going on in Cleveland i think they have there own problems that they should solve before they get involved in a different yeshiva...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Imagine what's going on Shomayim!

Can you imagine the heavenly world above?

M.R. (Major Rasha) Barkin's father who was known as a soft spoken takdik - is sitting with Maran Reb Gifter in gan eden, looking down at the world below.

They both observe how Major Rasha Barkin (under the banner of L'shem Shomayim - of course!) is rodef Reb Gifter's son R' Zalman, mevazeh Reb Gifter's almana, shredding her heart to pieces on a daily bases!!

Now what do you think Mr. Barkin's neshama wishes it could do. Run and hide from Reb Gifter's gaze and not be in his presence! Embarassed to no end at how his own son is rodef Reb Gifter's son and kills Reb Gifter's almana, daily! With no rachmanus!

Oy nebach!! MY heart goes out to Mr. Barkin senior - he was known as a good man!


Moshe Ruven (MAJOR RASHASA) are you listening? Do you care about your father's neshama? All of Cleveland already knows you dan't care that your poor wife is suffering daily from your thievery, gezel daas, genaivah, retzicha and machlokes escapades! We all know she has asked you many times to stop being involved - but you just don't give a darn about her or what she thinks (or future Shidduchim - because who would want to be m'shaddech with such a corrupt family?!)! You are so driven to destroy Reb Gifter's son - you just don't care!

Well think about this . . . your dear father's neshama is buring in the Gehenem of shame (right there in Gan Eden!) because of your Rishus!!! And shomayim is not fooled by your phony Tzidkus! You are a Kaison with an Agenda! Don't hide behind "this is all for Reb Chaims kavod"! IT DOES NOT JUSTIFY YOUR RETZICHA OR GENAIVAH OR RISHUS!


To Anon: 8:51

You wrote: "That means publishing the names of the individuals involved (including the yungerman)"

The Yingerman's FUTURE interaction in our community is not the primary focus of our blog.

This should and must be handled by the Rabbanim in our city. They know who he is. It is their obligtion to protect our children.

We need not crucify the yingerman publicly ... unless the Rabbanim shirk their responsibility. Then we will publish the name of the Rav whose Beis Medrish the Yingerman frequents DAILY!

Are you listening Rabbi _ _?! He hangs is your Beis Medrash all day and to date you have not stopped him from interacting with young men. You know who you are - and so do we! You have an achrayus to our community to protect our children!

Rabbi, did you get my letter yet? You will. You don't want the bizyonos in the community of farenfiring why you were protecting a 'potential' child molester do you?

Please make gedarim for him NOW - before the public finds out that YOU TOO protected and covered for him like Ahraleh Levitansky did! You need the communities funding and we wont be forgiving! We don't really want to, but we will publish your name!

You have an achrayus to our community! Please think about our children?

Mail from the Blue Devil

Blue Devil said...

As the saying goes "I'm a long time first time..." I am an individual with quite a bit of first-hand information, and I must say that the blogger(s) has (have) done a tremendous job of presenting the facts in an accurate (albeit cynical) manner. Yes, there are a few assumptions here and perhaps a few which are borderline speculatory, but for the most part he has hit the nail on the head.

I would assume that all or at least a very high percentage of the readers have/had some shaiychus with Telz. It is therefore very frustrating, to say the least, that most of the fuel adding material to this unfortunate machlokes is coming from hired help (non mishpacha), or even non Telzers!

In addition, I might add, that RZG is having his silence (from all of these false accusations), being repaid by the extreme growing popularity of this blog who are being presented with the true facts.

The only question remains if there is indeed anything to be gained by all of this. Since there is no regard for Bais Din (and all that a secular court will do is tell them to go back to BD...), then why would they care what hunreds of people are writing/reading on a blog? To myself, it is reminiscent of the Israeli/Arab conflict where one side only wants the total destruction of the other...

In any case, maybe some of us with real power, money, seichel or mazel, will finally put an end to this bitter and childish machlokes for the sake of Torah and our past Rabbonim.

Thank you!

November 25, 2008 9:37 PM

Mialbag Limud Zechus Requests

What about finding a limud zechus for Moshe R(asha) Barkin, arch enemy of Rabbi Zalman Gifter?

This new hanhalah with his guidence and support treated his brother HoRav Dovid Barkins ZT"L's family with total contempt and disregard for their feelings and emotions . . . immediately after his petirah!

They sent two members of the hanhalah to his Rebitzin's house to demand that she sign a paper giving away all & any of her zechusim, that she is entitled to as a yerusha/inheritence from her husband and/or as a Daughter of the founder of Telz Yeshiva, Cleveland (not Telz, Lita, Rabbi D. Goldberg that you keep claiming ad nauseum that you are THE rightful yoresh to. Celevland is NOT the GRA"Y's Yehsiva but it's the one that was opened by) Horav Reb E.M. Bloch's Z"L .

The rebitzin was told by these gangsters that if she did not sign the paper then Telz Yeshiva would fall apart and that she would bear the responsibility.

M. Rasha Barkin, went against a pesack beis din and against his own rov, Horav Yisroel Grumer, Yoshev Rosh of the beis din of Cleveland. And for whom, for these lowlife people?!

M. Rasha Barkin, is such a manipulating coward that he had his wife, not himself, call Horav Grumer and tell him that he could not be maspid his own brother in the yeshiva!

Such a Tzadik! He lied to his own Rov! He told him he could not be maspid because no outsiders were going to maspid, when in truth the real reason was because he and his cronies - "The Hanhala" proclaimed HoRav Grummer an enemy of the Yeshiva, because he ruled in Beis Din in favor of Rabbi Zalman Gifter!

Why do I use such strong words as Rasha? Because he clearly is a manipulating, two faced, stab you in the back - RASHA!

He has no respect or decency for his own family, let alone for the Rosh Hayeshiva Horav Mordecai Gifter's almono and family.


And while you are at it please try to find some LIMUD ZECHUS for Yonah Scheinbaum, who literally made millions of dollars, over the years from Camp Kol Torah that somehow he stole away from Telshe Yeshiva.

The Gifter family wrongfully allowed him to pay only a mere pittance for rent, while raking in Millions of tax free dollars over the years. How can he be such an ingrate and orchestrate such a machlokes, filled with sinas chinom, against a family that enabled him to put such wealth in your pocket? IS THERE A LIMUD ZECHUS FOR SUCH A KOFIE TOV?!


From the Mailbag

Somebody please write:

a limud zechus why Rav Ahron Levitansky The Rosh Mechina went to a goieshe court when there was an injunction of the beis din against it

a limud zechus on Rabbi Aharon Epstien that volunteered to go to a goieshe court (of course Telshe Yeshiva compensated him)

a limud zechus on The Fuchs Bet Sefer Mizrachi for allowing Epstein to perpetrate Machlokes and evil behavior while on Mizrachi time and pay

a limud zechus why weeks after the court's ruling, the independent accountants who were hand Picked by The yeshiva's hanhalah (by court order) still do not have all the necessary accounting from Rabbi Levitansky (and Rabbi Epstein) where Levitansky spent the Yeshiva's money? Money that they took without the courts permission.

Until they turn over a cheshbon, where and for what they spent they money, the books cannot be reconciled. Until then the Rabbeim cannot be paid!
Please show where you spent the money so these families can pay their bills!

A limud zechus as why the gossiper says her husband will only give the accountants the papers he thinks they need and is withholding information ordered by the court - in the interest of the Yeshiva!

Perhaps this is another thing we can blame on Rabbi Zelman??

FRUM FROM CHICAGO these issues need immediate attention! Please go to Rav A.C. Levine, who the hanhalah says "they do not do anything without consulting Rabbi AC Levin", and plead with him that this hideous and most disgusting behavior cease immediately so that the yeshivas interest can be put in front of their personal hatred toward Rabbi Zalman!

In response to Mr. Frum from Chicago:

(The following is re-posted from the comments section. Click on the link to see the original letter.

Dear Frum from Chicago:

You have made an assumption that we, the bloggers, are in truth Rabbi Gifter. You based the entire rational for your comments, your assessment of the situation and your advice solely on this one major error on your part!

Hard for us to understand how an intelligent person like yourself could have missed the heading of the blog. The one that says in big type: "The Gifters never had and do not have anything to do with this. We are talmidim of Morainu Harav Gifter zt"l!"
Did you not see that? Or do you just assume we are lying, because somehow you have been enlightened with Ruach HaKodesh to know "the truth" even in the face of the facts?

Is it something the city of Chicago adds to the water supply that endows its residents with "Bnei Navi'im" clairvoyance, so that they always "know the facts" even when the facts actually cry out, loudly, you are making a gross error and wrongly suspecting and accusing? It seems to be a machlah in your city! Because you too seem to have developed a case of chronic "don't confuse me with the facts, 'me-a-gadol', & I have already made up my mind" syndrome! And you claim to not even be a Telzer!

So I ask you now to please understand & respect that the purpose of this blog is to reveal the TRUTH – the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH in face of the bald face lies propagated by Goldberg, Levitansky, Barkin, Scheinbaum & Eisenberg and passed on by hungry gossip mongers like Azoi Pass and Yarokwald.

(NB. Sorry Reb Shlioms - although you are basically a nice guy, who always followed the rules of "live and let live", but here you were nichnas l'bais bursi and unfortunately you know what chazal say about that. ((when you choose to lie down with dogs you end up with fleas)). You should have maintained your standard modus operandi of just learning Torah and staying out of politics. (If you enter into the fire - you have to know you will get burned.)

So Mr. Frum Guy from Chicago please listen very carefully and internalize the following, so that you will better understand the function and purpose of this blog:

To you and all the chachomim u'Bnei Nevi'im b'chol asar v'asar, you who know for sure that the blogger is Reb Zalman himself, or l'chol hapachos under his authorship or direction, and additionally that ALL the comments are (either him or) written by the blogger themselves.

L'hevi yadua we are not RZG, nor do we glean any information from him whatsoever! We don't need to. Whatever we write about is already out there in the open!

1) Whereas Reb Zalmen went to Telshe High School – some of us, in addition to our post high school Yeshiva education at Telshe, also B"H got a good high school secular education. Now with the greatest humility (ok, so maybe NOT the GREATEST?;) we don't believe that Reb Zalman could compose as we do. Do you? Now shouldn't that alone be enough proof for any bar da'as? Additionally, use your sechel please, Reb Zalman is NOT computer savvy and could not possibly know how to run a blog – let alone keep you from finding our identity (a task which we know the "hanhala" has been futilely persuing for months, expending untold manpower and funds on such foolish attempts!). RZG also does not even have access to a computer!

And as to RZG orchestrating what we write. . . .

2) Do you really think he would himself write, or allow us to, concerning his father zt"l in the manner in which we did?

Oh and PLEASE don't make the same immature, absurd projection that the negious blinded fallacious 5 did when Reb Shalom Shapiro admonished them to ask Reb Zalman mechila for falsely accusing him of messira (after the real moiser admitted to Reb Shalom that it was he who was the moiser) and they asininely protested and projected "We still believe it was Zalman and he just got this other person to lie so as to take the blame off of himself.

WHAT A BUNCH OF (NEGIOUS-AFFLICTED) BLIND IDIOTS! So skip the double-reverse-backward flip pop psychology babble of "yeah, takeh – he davka wrote that to try to fool us!" That is just simply inane and narish!

3) Or do you really think RZG would write about himself "RZG is too tough and aggressive" and the Yeshiva may have flourished "in spite of him"?!

4) The comments are written by Public Posters - like yourself - who choose to remain anonymous. We approve or "moderate" them. We do not write comments nor do we author them! We are a group of Talmidim who author the main Blog posts while only a select few who actually write them.

Just as an fyi, did you ever consider that since some of us too live in Cleveland we easily get most of our facts from listening to what those pompous, narcissistic, negious blinded, ba'alei Geiah, gasconade, to anyone who will listen to them brag about their grandiose achievements in the machlokes industry and their industrious chochmos in outsmarting Reb Zalman!

So now that we have cleared up the facts lets get on to your letter. We will quote you and respond.

Excerpts from the original letter from Frum Chicago (If that is realy where he is from!) Guy are printed below in black italics.

Dear blogger,

Let me start by saying I'm sorry for what you are going through. You have expressed your feelings well in your response to my post. I can't even fathom the hurt you are going through watching your fathers yeshiva be mishandled and abused. However, I must clarify a few things as well about why I wrote what I did.

Your premise is false and therefore a nonstarter. We are not Rabbi Gifter – but we will pass on your sincere(?) expressions of sympathy to him.

[Non-relevant personal aggrandizing history deleted]

If you are trying to win back your fathers Yeshiva and recreate it into the Makom torah it once was, this is not the way to go about that. You are only destroying whatever credibility Telshe ever had by knocking down the current rabeim and making the ones who want it back look like a bunch of crazy zealots on a witch hunt.

Again your false assumptions lead you to anemic advice.

As to Telshe's credibility . . . it is not we who are destroying "the rabbeim's credibility" they are doing that all on their own by ignoring a psak beis din of gedolay hador! A bais din that these very same Telshe rabbeim convened against Reb Zalman - and lost their din Torah!

They are the ones who went to gentile court instead of bringing any supposed "new" development or circumstances back to the their own Beis Din that issued the Pask in the first place! If they claim a clarification is needed, based on a new agreement Reb Zalman signed - then shouldn't they go back to the beis din to seek truth and da'as Torah? It obvious that since the bais din ruled against them - they came up with a "new" twist and ran off to court! Imagine if these guys were mere ba'lei batim. What do you think the olam haTorah or the "Frum from Whatever City" would say about such shinanigins?!

Our purpose here is only to let the world know the truthto counter the slander sheets that the "Hanhala" sent to thousands of households besmirching Rabbi Gifter with false accusation and downright straight-out lies – and to let the world know the truth!

Now, you profess that defending someone who is being maliciously maligned, crucified, and forced out of his rightful position as "acting like a crazy zealot on a which hunt" obviously we see it differently. We are by no means destroying Telshe's credibility - they clearly don't need our help. Protecting the integrity of the innocent by quashing forced take over by a rebellious few powerful self serving kavod seekers, even publicly, is not "acting carzy"! Neither was Kalev when he presented the truth to klal Yisroel PUBLICLY debunking the lies of the fallacious ten - who also also projected the image of being pious FRUM individuals!

[personal attack against Rabbi Gifter deleted]

What I don't understand, and maybe this is the real issue, is if a Psak was passed down by the beis din and it is not being followed aren't there halachos on how to handle a situation when someone doesn't follow that psak?

Yes there are. But they are hanhagos - not really teeth endowed measures. What would you suggest – that the Bais din write another letter of clarification that the psak din they issued in favor of Reb Zalman stands – even under their falsely proclaimed "new" circumstances of RZG signing a letter of relinquishing of his rights? You are absolutely right! And that is exactly what was done! The bais din issued a new psak saying that nothing has changed and no rights were relinquished by Reb Zalman! ASK US AND WE WILL POST IT FOR ALL TO SEE! Would you suggest the bais din put the chamsanim hanhala in cherem and assur Telshe Yeshiva from giving them aliyos? Ha ha! Please! You profess to be an intelligent person!

Shouldn't you be involving the three big rabbonim that gave the Psak in this situation? Isn't it their job as leaders to do whatever is necessary to insure the rulling is followed? Where are they in this situation? Why aren't they putting these "trouble makers" in chareim or speaking out against them?


They [the bais din] are the Das Torah figures and shouldn't you be following their lead?

YES, actually Reb Zalman does EXACTLY what the members of the Bais Din tell him to do! He for the most part remains quiet and does not confront them (except to defend the interests of the Yeshiva, like calling & denying to the bank that he authorized the falacious 5 to remove his signature from the Yeshiva's accounts!??

He is waiting for them to agree to a Bais Din to go back to – since THEY OBVIOUSLY DO NOT WANT TO RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL BEIS DIN - where they should be going!! GEE I WONDER WHY NOT??!!


We are pretty sure they do not. But WE didn't ask! If you have a tayna? Have it on US not Reb Zalman! We however believe that we are merely defensively responding to malicious slander etc as we stated above!

[Personal aggrandizement deleted]

Which brings me to my final point. If this is the way the Yeshiva world acts towards one another, then why would I want to be a part of it? The Chillul Hashem is not only being made to the outside world, but an even greater one is being created towards fellow Jews.

Yes, you are right - it is a terrible chillul Hashem! But tell us "Frum Chicago Guy", have you also contacted Rabbi's Levitansky, Goldberg, Eisenberger, Pass and friends? How about Barkin and Scheinbaum? Or is your professed sincerity only one sided and a false projection?

[Personal attack again deleted]

(Frum From Chicago) 2:53 PM

PS. If you are really sincere and want to do something positive – try posing some of the questions from our blog to your friends in Wickliffe! Please ask them how they do the things they do, say the things they say and act the way they act?!

We are always open to your and others input, provided they are clean, decent, non malicious and most importantly factual! We have yet to see ANY comments from anyone (and we do post them all, unless they are indecent etc) that refute ANY of the things we wrote as being the honest true facts! Maybe we are too sharp - and so in order to attract attention - but whatever we post is 100% the EMES!

(Originally posted November 18, 2008 9:58 PM)

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Anonymous said...


November 18, 2008 10:36 PM

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Anonymous said...

Chicago frummer ,
oh yes very frum . Epstein from Bet Sefer Mizrachi did not spend the day in court today . Epstein had time to coach you how to be a sneak .any body that reads your post can see that you are just one those anti Zalmen people . How do you have the chutzpah to write and address Rabbi Zalmen Gifter as the blogger as if you are sure he is the blogger ? Where did you get you hot tip from ? the gossiping Mrs. Epstein ?

Did Epstien and chevra teach you how to be arrogant, haughty, deceiving ball geivah..

Keep posting your concerns that you are worried about chillul hashem . You have every right to worry as you are making the chillul hashem ... pick on Zalmen , lie about him, write and talk lashen horah about him, cheat him, steal his position in the Yeshiva , do everything possible to ruin him and his family , bring as much tzarr/ suffering as you can on the rebbitzin and of course you are doing this leshem Shomaiyim one thing you are guaranteed hashem watches over the downtrodden and you can not ignore hashem as you do a bes din .Hashem has his ways of dealing with people that so blatantly ignore his torah laws

November 18, 2008 10:44 PM

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Anonymous said...

To Frum From Chicago,

If you are frum why are you assuming and accusing ??? Why are you writing as if you know positive that Rabbi Gifter is the Bloggger are you a navi or ben navi ?? Is being a ben Navi a Chicago thing ??We know one ben navi in Chicago the Rosh hayeshiva , writer , and editor of the mictav hasheker .

If you are sincere , why not call or write Rabbi Gifter privately?
Why are you expressing your naive and sincere comments on this public forum that you say is a chillul hashem

You know very well that the hanhala with the support of the Chicago Rosh Hayeshiva are in violation of a pesack beis din and injunctions from bes din .. Why don't you go visit the Chicago yeshiva and ask the Rosh Hayeshiva why they are not abiding by a ruling of the beis din ? and while there observe that it is strictly a family business

your final point about how the yeshiva world acts toward each other ...you are acting the same way with your tone, accusations, and assumptions you make on this blog

November 19, 2008 5:20 AM

To the Frum guy from Chicago who left his heartfelt comment.

You appear to be sincere - yet a bit naive - so we will respond in kind - with sincerity. You wonder to what purpose this blog? Why do we do it? What about the chillul Hashem?

Yes - Machlokes is bad. It is abhorring! Yes the (second) Bais Hamikdash was destroyed because of sinas chinum! But clearly, struggling to protect & maintain ones genuine right, from a defensive posture does not fall into the category of sinas chinam!

Was the first Beis HaMikdash not destroyed because of the gimel chamuros, including Shfichas Domim? What is being perpetrated against Rabbi Zalman Gifter, his mother the Rosh Hayeshiva's Rebbitzen and their family is what the Torah classifies too as Sh'fichas domim!

Does the Torah require one who is threatened by a ba b'machteres to be passive and take no defensive action? Should he surrender his homestead because violence is an antipathy of Torah and Yiddishkeit? Does not the Torah clearly and dramatically advise he who is set upon by a theif to "Hashkeim v'hargo techilah"?!

The situation is sad! Does that mean that one should lay down and die because he is the victim of chamsanim who defy a psak din of gedolay Yisroel - with whatever na'arish teretz de jure they conjure up for the day and the deed?!

Let me understand your thinking here - please. Tell me honestly -
What would YOU suggest to the following scenario?

Imagine if you please, that you have been running a corporation for many years, even yet from the days when your father was alive. Sadly he passes away, leaving you written instructions to carry on his work as you were doing for the years when he was ill, running his corporation.

You of course run your company as you see fit. You are a very strong minded CEO (some even consider you too tough & too aggressive). But, you know exactly what you want and how you want things done. Now, because of your strength of character (or perhaps in spite of it) and because of your intensified style of running things your corporation is doing very well. Your intake has grown over the years, your product is well received in the market place and your employees, while not always elated with your style of leadership, are never the less consistently paid and for the most part most of them are doing their jobs satisfactorily.

Unfortunately as is often the case, not all your employees are content. Some of them really don't appreciate your style, some downright resent it, some of them are a number of years older than you and perhaps believe experience makes them more capable than you. (Actually some of them are your former teachers from years gone by - you my friend are in the lamentable position of being a
Navi b'iyro!). They are of the "old school." They remember the days of working for your father, who was a very respected Torah Scholar.

(Forgive me please, but to be painfully honest, the fact is that your father was an even stronger minded CEO, who ran the company single mindedly and made almost all decisions unilaterally. He did things exactly the way he wanted to, rarely if ever "asking" for another's opinion. Most often he would share with them how they should approach a given situation and what they ought to be thinking. And if they weren't yet thinking that way, they should start to right then and there! But there never were dissenting voices amongst his staff, because truthfully, as much as they respected him, they feared him even more!)

But back to you. Over the course of the years you hire some new employees to fill certain positions in your corporation. A number of the tenured employees believed these positions should rightfully have been theirs and had expected that one day they would have been. They don't like the fact that you brought in new fresh, young, talent whom they see potentially as a threat to their job security.

As a result, a few of them begin to grumble and strongly contend that you are not running the business optimally! They join together as a group of disgruntled employees and take upon themselves to declare a challenge to your capability, and worthiness as CEO. They even try making a case of your right of inheritance to oversee your father's concerns.

They demand a hearing of their grievances, in the only place a Jew may . . . before a Halachik Beis Din. They actually choose a Besi Din comprised of the most respected Talmidi Chachamim, Yirei Hashem, gedolay Torah of the day. They of course know for sure that these men will see things so clearly - as they themselves do! What they forget is that these men do not have their envy or personal negious!

The Beis Din convenes. The litigants air all their grievances, charges and complaints. They even bring against you other Jewish leaders from across the country - men of stature and respect - Heads of similar academies, students your father, to testify that with you at the helm, the Telshe Corp. will surely fail! People can't work with you, etc. The "old school" of tenured employees should head the Yeshiva with The Sagged Elder at its helm!

The Rabbis listen very carefully to all the testimony. They adjourn to their cities before rendering a psak.

On their way home the Dayanim are solicited . . . out of court -
in the Cleveland Hopkins airport by two esteemed personalities - themselves heads of Yeshivas' - who flew in specially to endeavor to seduce the Dayanim to render their verdict in favor of those who are seeking your ouster!

But these great men hearken to the words of Hashem and "
tremble not before men" they adhere to Torah law and render a psak in accordance with Shulchan Aruch and the spirit of our holy Torah!

You, they proclaim in a detailed written ruling, are the rightful CEO of Telshe, you are to be known as a Rosh Yeshiva and you are to maintain your position as CEO!

A plan is laid out where you will be joined by two other senior members of the Yeshiva (one has since passed away zt"l) who will "assist you" in decision making. Additionally (and this is clearly written as a
suggestion and not a requirement) you are advised (but not obligated) to invite the Rosh Mechina to VaadHaPoel meetings in order to hear his input.

Upshot: Your contenders loose! The coup de ta against you is over - all others claims of right to ascension to the position of CEO, by any individual or group, is invalid.

Your enemies (and I only call them that now, because to maintain this machlokes after the psak beis din demonstrates now more than ever, their consuming Sinas Chinum for you - the cause for Churban Baiyis - as you point out in your letter! Your enemies) refuse to accept the psak din for what it is! To that end (believe it or not) they send a stream of Rabbinic emissaries, one after the other,
to lobby the Dayanim and persuade them to recant their psak!!

Can you believe that? Roshei HaYeshiva, Rabbonim Chashuvim, reduce themselves to conduct unbefitting even of a commoner -
attempting again to circumvent daas Torah and seduce the dayanim - men of great stature - through pressure and politics, to corrupt a Psak Din Torah!

But B"H once again - the dayanim being Gedolay Yisroel and strong in their convictions - do not cave in under the pressure. . . and the effort to corrupt them post Din HaTorah - fails miserably.

After the failed coup it is understood that those who rose up against you would fear for their job security. In fact when the Rosh Mechina (whom you have always felt was
less than industrious in fulfilling his responsibilities) asked you if you will honor his contract and conditions of employment (that you personally gave him) you answer him with a sharp retort.

Emboldened by the psak din in your favor you respond to him in the affirmative but with stern words of reprimanded. Yes, you say, but you will have to do your job much better! No more frequent absences from the Mechina. Much more personal attendance in the Mechina is expected of you and much more being
attendant to the needs of the bachurim is demanded!

Here now is where the real trouble began!

While your response was honest and directly to the heart of the matter, it was not diplomatic! But that has always been your challenge - you are way too blunt and forceful!

Now you have instilled fear into your employee. Frightened creatures react in desperate ways. The Rosh Mechina meets with the Rabbeim and says that
he can no longer work together with you! (He of course didn't tell them about his conversation with you and his fear that he may be canned and not afforded the opportunity to continue to work for you once his contract expires!).
He tells them that he is quitting at the end of the year and not renewing his contract. Additionally he ads, if he leaves - no one will send any more talmidim to Telshe and the High School will surley fold! One Rebbe responds that if the Mechina closes we can always start another Yeshiva in the Heights! Emotional words at an emotional moment.

The Rosh Mechina however is now empowered through the art of
half truths, misleading innuendos and straight out deception to begin a newly invigorated major campaign against you - because his job is now at stake!

He calls Rabbi A.C. Levin Shlit"a in Chicago and tells him "Telshe Yeshiva is doomed! The Rabbeim are ready to quit and start their own Yeshiva in the Heights! All because they cannot work with Reb Zalman Gifter! (Why he feel for it without investigation, especially knowing the Rosh Mechina for so many years from his Chicago days, he must have had an idea of who/what he is and how he operates! How could he have accepted the motzei shem ra about the Rabbeim not being able to work with Reb Zalman- when they don't even ever interact with him at all!

Who knows? Maybe it was "other" pressures from disgruntled family members who thought their brother in law would inherit their father's position. Who knows - there are rumors of
RIVERs of DALES or tales as to who was the behind the scene pressure!

In any case - the "end run" to circumvent the Psak Beis Din began! Something you would expect from non-Torah-dikeh yidden, but not from men of professed stature!

And so my Frum Guy from Chicago, you being all alone against a group who decide they are going to oust you and take over your corporation - having already once lost in a din haTorah - they will now try to bully and deceive their way around the Psak din, and they have the neccessary money (in actuality
they are taking your money to pay for their fight against you) they have the ear of some big guns - not as big as the Beis Din members - but big enough to turn public opinion against you - and all you have is . . . Tzedek is on your side.

And so my friend, what would you do? I really don't think you would just say - "oy vey, it would be such a chillul Hashem, if I defend my fathers legacy from being stolen away, so I will just walk away and let these chamsanim, ganvim, gonvei daas Hamakom v'habrios, steal the Yeshiva away!

No, I don't think so.

So yes "Frum Guy from Chicago" - the chillul Hashem is indeed great! But it is not Reb Zalman who brought about this terrible chillul Hashem!

Reb Zalman was not m'chalel shem shomayim by lobbying the members of the Beis Din outside of Beis Din to sway their opinion before their coming to a conclusion!

Reb Zalman did not send emissaries up to Camp Morris to Reb Ahron Shechter Shlit"a, after the din Torah was over and the Psak issued, asking him to rescind the Psak Din!

Reb Zalman did not blatantly try and end run to circumvent the Psak Beis Din under a ridiculous, false preposition, propagated to anyone who would listen, that he acceded his right to head the Yeshiva's Vaad HaPoel and rather agreed to reduce his position of authority to a "one man one vote" status! Say what you like - but he is not insane to give up his position! (Would you?)

Reb Zalman did not mass mail derogatory Motzei Shem Ra propaganda sheets, under the guise of being Telshe Alumni Updates (as if Telshe Yeshiva ever had such updates before?).

Reb Zalman didn't squander Maos Hekdish, tzadkkah money donated to Telshe Yeshiva for Torah support, on frivolous printing, packaging and postage of "Michtav Hasbara's" - which were nothing more than slander sheets, written by some Chicago pseudo Navi journalist who professes to somehow "know" the unknown (and untrue!) and brazenly accuse Reb Zalman without a shred of evidence of the lowest things a Yid can do (like mesira etc.).

Reb Zalman didn't profain the members of the Bais Din (who are chevrai Moetzes Gedolay HaTorah) by calling them "Low Lifes" - do you hear this Chicago Frum Guy? You're worried about chillul Hashem? Maybe you should ask your Chicago Y.U. Alumnus, who professes to be a Rosh Hayeshiva role model for bachurim, how he calls Gedolay Yisroel b'Torah, b'machshava, u'b'middos "Low Lifes"?!

Reb Zalmen was not minavel es piv - when the Lakewood Rosh HaYeshiva sent Reb Zalman's son in law to Chicago, on a mission to make shalom. Whereas your Chicago Telshe Alumni Rabbi's youth betrayed him, as he so eloquently, with Mada not Torah, said "we are going to pull your father in law pants down"! Wow! I can't seem to remember the last time I heard a Rosh Hayeshiva speak so (un)"Torah-dik"! (and RACL is concerned that the blogger used the word "damn"?! Tul kurah m'bain etc.)

No wonder RCDK gets "special" speaking slots at the Agudah convention! Maybe this year he will speak about bloggers who must resort to defend the downtrodden from a place of anonymity - because they have not the money, position, connections, nor power of the elite Kapatah Class! Wish I could be at the convention to hear it. Can't even get it on tape - because the Agudah never lets him speak except Shabbos when no one could possibly recorded his inevitable faux pas!

Reb Zalman did not lie to the banks and tell them "Rabbi Gifter acquiesced to removing his signature from Telshe Yeshiva's account" and when the bank officers heard otherwise from Reb Zalman, they lowered their heads in shame - seeing "Rabbis" the Priests of the Nation of Priests, carry on like common criminals, lying, cheating, deceiving with half truths and outright lies, kamandeving like gangsters to "get control of the money" like common thugs! So the bankers froze the accounts.

Reb Zalmen was not m'chalele shem shomayim in the eys of the postmaster general of Wickliffe by telling them to "not give Rabbi Gifter the mail". After 30 years of knowing Rabbi Gifter as the Head of Telshe they are now told that he is a common thief who is trying to get Telshe's mail for himself! Ribbono shel olam!

Reb Zalman did not take anyone to court - arkaos shel akum!!! Can you digest that Frum Guy from Chicago? Rabbonim - Roshei Yeshiva - mechanchim - taking a case that was and even if perhaps should again be in front of a bais din - taking it to arkaos shel akum?!! Gevald!

And Reb Zalmen was not m'chalele shem shomayim in the eys of the judge who was beside herself with the chutzpah of the felacious five who came to her b'mirmah to plead for an emergency relief to unfreeze the accounts so they could pay the gas bill and not let the yeshiva close down - and then when she granted their request - they pillaged all the accounts Telshe had for over $180,000!! Paying themselves supposed "loans" and issuing cashiers checks for almost $50,000 just to empty the Yeshiva's accounts! "What could you possibly have done with all that money" the judge demanded! You abused my emergency relief! I want a reckoning of every penney spent!" (Which btw, they are loath to come up with - becuase of shame and embarrasement!)


Yes, we talmidim of Reb Motel Gifter who don't have the connections, money, prestige or voice of these gonvei daas Hamakom v'habrios, must resort to a blog so that the world will hear the voice of the nirdaf and know the truth!

A Letter We Received In The Mailbox:

To the readers of "Rischan Dioraysa – the fight "FOR" Torah!"

A story is told of a grandfather who sent a letter to his son asking that his grandson come join him in the family business. Knowing how loving and religious his father was he agreed. While the business matters were taken quit seriously so were the loving and religiousness never was a minyan missed and never a day of learning. But one day everything changed.

With a sudden heart attack the entire responsibility of the business fell upon the shoulders of the teenager grandson. Putting his whole heart into the business it moved to a higher level and became a major corporation worth millions. But one thing suffered – the Torah and mitzvos. It all began with missing Minchah and than escalated. Before long, Shabbos and everything else was nothing more than an afterthought. That is, until one day. He was walking down the street when suddenly he noticed a distraught young boy, perhaps 7 or 8 years old, sitting on the stoop of a building. His initial reaction was to continue walking but then his conscience got hold of him and he asked the boy what was wrong. The boy could barely get the words out. The young boy sobbed pitifully and it took him a while to calm the boy down. Finally the boy was able to get his story out. The boy came from a very poor family. Tonight was the first night of Chanikah and the boys father had saved up for weeks to be able to buy oil with which to light the Chanukah menorah. This morning the boys father had sent him to purchase the oil, warning him to be careful when bringing it home. At this point the boy's voice lowered and spoke in broken words. "I bought the bottle of oil but then as I was running home I tripped over a rock – "for the first time he noticed that the boy was holding a shattered bottle in his hands. Immediately his eyes began to mist over. He remembered what it was like to be young and couldn't help but think about how he had loved to make his grandfather proud. But then his thoughts took a different turn. How would his grandfather look at him now? What would he think of the grandson he had loved so much? Now there was nothing left but shattered dreams. Nothing would disappoint his grandfather more than his grandson. How could he have forsaken all that his grandfather had taught him?

Overwhelmed by his emotions, he turned to the boy and pulled out enough money to buy twenty bottles of oil – all in exchange for the broken bottle that the boy held in his hand. He picked up the broken bottle and walked home slowly, pensively, taking the long way home. On one of the street signs there was a notice informing the community that a maggid had come to town and would be speaking that evening. Newly inspired by the bottle he held in his hand he decided to attend. The maggid approached the podium and began to speak, "Eich e'eleh el avi v'hana'ar einenu iti?" Simply understood, it is Yehudah's pleading question to Yoesf: How can I go up to face my father without having Binyomin with me? However the maggid revealed a deeper, homiletical meaning of this pasuk. "How can I approach "Avi", my Father in Heaven, when the na'ar, the boy of my youth, the child inside of me, is no longer with me?"

This compelling thought touched the depths of his soul. How can he face his grandfather without being the same na'ar he once was? And how will he face his Master without the purity of his youth? Immediately he made up his mind: he was going to return to the ways of his past. He would recommit to a life a Torah and would indeed make his grandfather proud.

To the members of the FALLACIOUS FIVE and all the tag kalongs' (Keller, Levin, Very Big Stein, Epstein, Barkin, Schainbaum) don't you think the time has come to ask yourself "How can I approach "Avi", my Father in Heaven, when the na'ar, the boy of my youth, the child inside of me, is no longer with me." Do you think for a moment that the court would not order you to give a full accounting of all Telshe or Telshe - related funds and financial transactions from the past year? And didn't your lawyer say that all parties will cooperate fully with the CPA's to give them all records or any other information they ask for? (Maybe we the outsiders should be "dan lkaf zechus" you are cooperating! and you are not giving over the records of how you spent the 130,000 + dollars you took when the judge lifted the freeze and all the Telshe – or for the related funds that you put into the Telz Chicago account because you don't have the records you destroyed them so there should not be any tracks left behind that you paid back an unauthorized loan to Barkin co.) One more thing do you think that you can trick the CPA's to have Rabbi Gifter sign a paper giving you the power to get rid of the CPA's and put in whoever ("Epstein") you would like instead because these 2 CPA's are doing their job and not letting the judge lift the freeze from the bank accounts or from the United States Postal System which froze the mail (are you going to sue the USPS like you tried to sue the banks for freezing the accounts originally and then saying that it was Rabbi Gifter who brought it to court who are you fooling? (just for your info I think it was one of the members of the FALLACIOUS FIVE (give me the gold-berg) who took the mail from the office and locked it up so that the yeshiva secretary cant do her job)

Thank you FALLACIOUS FIVE for all the support you are giving the Kollel families that depend on the check from yeshiva to put food on the table, pay tuition and pay bills how much longer will it take for you to see the light, there is more to running a Yeshiva than saying you learn Torah i can give a shiur you have to be an ehrliche Yid (an upstanding Jew).

Sincerely yours,
A Dedicated Telzer

From the mailbag:

Rabbi Levitansky . . . since you were the one who filed suit in the Cuyahoga county common pleas court against Rabbi Gifter, instead of going to a beis din or responding to the summons of the beis din, please ALSO ask the judge to rule on the legality of the commission you took from Telshe Yeshiva of OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

Yes, we all know you took $125,000, from the Telz Yeshiva, when they were desperate for every last penny they could get! And you are NOT a commissioned fund raiser for the Yeshiva - you are a self appointed "Head of Hanhala"!

In fact by your very own admission, at the Telz banquet last year 2007, you expressly and explicitly declined ANY KIND of monetary compensation, reward or even recognition for the 450,000 that Mr. Martin Strauss donated to Telshe Yeshiva - because as you yourself said - you NEVER went out to solicit it for the Yeshiva, you did not labor for it at all - it just fell into your lap, (Mr. Strauss was looking for a way to give away these funds) and as such you "didn't feel entitled to a commission"! YOU WERE RIGHT - you didnt deserve any recognition at all!

Fact: Mr. Martin Strauss called you up and said his son who died left a million dollar+ insurance policy that was to be distributed to Tzedakah and here is $450,000 for the Telshe Yeshiva, to be used for back pay for the Rabbeim!

Unlike the Mikveh in Chicago that was built from Mr. Strauss' money - YOU & ONLY YOU took a commission!

That money was given by Mr. Strauss as a means to bring all rabbeim salaries up to date (and would have, until you got greedy and a few months later demanded a pay off!). No wonder you were soooo upset and had to fly off to Chocago to save yourself when somoen anonymously sent a letter to Mr. Strauss informing him of your GREEDY GRAB for his money! How did you get out of that? More LIES?!!

So RAL since you dont feel beholden to Shulchan Aruch and a Beis Din why don't you ask the judge: Your Honor was this even Legal? Was this MORAL and Ethical?

Oh, and your honor, I am taking this commission grab as a SALARY INCREASE (vs. a commission) and therefore it's costing the yeshiva and additional 8.75% in FICA/Social Security payments (so that when I retire, it will look like I was making more money than I really was in "truth" (TRUTH DEF: an extinct form of speech and conduct - defunct in the NEW TELSHE!). This way when I retire I will get a bigger social security check from uncle Sam - even though I am NOT entitled to it - because it was a one time commission payment and NOT A SALARY!

Btw, since this money would have brought the Rabbi's salaries up to date but now because of my GRABBED commission it has not... was this too an open lie to them ans ALL those attending the banquet?

Your Honor ,, since I am very rarely at the Mechina as I travel out of town almost every week on personal business and the Mechina is still falling apart, its student body drastically declining, the quality of students are mediocre (at best!). . . WHEN I CONTIUE TAKING MY REGULAR FULL SALARY IS THAT ALSO CALLED STEALING?

What is it called when I try to cover my deceitful tracks by causing discontent, machlokes, spreading lies, defaming honest hard working Rabbis, defying an order from the Jewish court, trying to forcefully take over a Yeshiva that I have no rights to?

Your Honor do you think I am the proper example to set for our children today?


HoRav Ahraleh Levitansky

Lessons in life from P.J.

You know what is the most repugnant, distasteful and utterly revolting thing? When you go to a levaya to pay your last respects to someone and the maspid (eulogizer) uses the the opportunity to not speak so much about the niftar as he does about himself! Sometimes when someone writes a hesped too and bein hashuros (between the lines) you can hear / read LOUD & CLEAR how the speaker / writer is really talking more about themselves than the niftar and just using the good name & reputation of the niftar as an escalator to step upon for their own self aggrandizement! C'mon! You all know what I mean - don't you. Ill bet you do- you're just too polite to say it out in the open - even though we ALL think it!

You can usually tell who these self focused, narcissistic, individuals are (except they themselves are too self absorbed to even realize how gayvahdik they sound!)just by how many times they use the words "ME" & "I" in their hespeidim- which aught never be used in a hesped! In case you missed this - listen more carefully the next time the Malach Hamaves nebach does his job. Maybe after reading this - maspidim will be more sensitive and you won't hear these repulsive and detestable manners of eulogy any more! One can only hope!

Check out the following "readers write" article printed in the Yased last week. It is a prime example:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank you and compliment Rabbi Pinchas Mayer on the fine article he wrote about my rebbi, chavrusah and beloved friend, Rav Chaim Schmelczer zt"l.

[Editor's note: the writer wants you to know that Rabbi Chaim Schmelczer is HIS rebbe and more than that, also his personal CHAVRUSHA and FRIEND! Isn't he soooo chashuv?! Ugh! PUKE!]

I would just like to add the invaluable lesson that I learned from him and which to me spoke volumes as to how he approached everything he did for Klal Yisroel.

[Editor: Catch all the unnecessary "I" & "ME"? And btw, he also learned something too! Not just that Rabbi Schmelczer set an example - but more so "I LEARNED IT"! Aren't I GREAT?! Ugh! PUKE!] ]

Whenever he was involved in doing something to help someone in need or an organization that was in a desperate situation, and all of the circumstances were laid out before him as to why nothing could be done to help or assist, his voice always rang out, "Af al pi kein." Even so, it must be done! And he was always right. No matter the reasons, no matter the excuses, no matter the cost, it had to be done and it was! That af al pi kein has always and will always personify to me the rosh yeshiva and rebbi, Rav Chaim Schmelczer.


Yonah S.
Cleveland, Ohio
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

PJ - you should better have learned from HoRav Chaim Schmelczer that ehrlichkeit, honesty, integrity and SELFLESS mesiras nefesh for OTHERS, is what life is really all about and what Hashem ultimately wants and expects form you! Not a mega million dollar camp fraud, cheating Telshe Yeshiva from a fair and equitable rental of their facilities, theft from the US Government claiming to be a 501 c3 - when in truth you are very, very much, a for big profits business! If you would have learned ANYTHING from "your Rebbe" Reb Chaim ZT"L you would NOT be involved in the cheating, scamming, bullying, court going machlokes that you are!
Me thinks you are more a student of Ahraleh (MIA-Rosh Mechina) Levitansky than you are anyone else! And you are a GREAT student at that!

Get real with yourself . . . you are still the same old PJ you were when we were in the Yeshiva with you!

Arkois Update II

This past Thursday the court decided on a compromise

1. That the FALLACIOUS FIVE can't sign anymore. (We would like to thank Rabbi Mattitya and Weiss two Jewish and hope honest CPA's for giving of their time to the yeshiva so that they can be the ones to decide what bills should get paid)

2. They have a few more days to make up the accounting of how they spent the $130,000 + money that they took from the accounts and all money that they diverted to the account with the Telz Chicago EIN number after the dinner

3. They have to be in a Beis Din within 90 days
Let see if they can get an honest bais din within the next 87 days. Can someone please explain what is frightening them from having a zabla bais din (zabla bais din is when each side picks a judge and the two of them pick the third) or for that matter any bais din that is not associated to them?

4. Mrs. Gifter's computer (the one that levitansky hired two thugs to break into her office for) has to stay in the yeshiva (we would like to thank the Fallacious Five for having to spend more of the yeshivas money on a security system for the main financial office to monitor who comes and goes in the office)

5. Rabbi Gifter had to promise that his son will not write anymore to this blog!! So it seems the Navi (CD Keller yes the person who Rabbi Sherer had to give his declaration that he is a godol!! I always thought that becoming a godol was based upon what you do and the way you act in life or maybe he was just referring to a different type of godol like having Yungermans pull pants down like he said he will do to Rabbi Gifter) and ben ben navi (YD Keller who by the way thinks he is taking over his grandfather I got a little surprise in store for you) are navim sheker for the ?????? time (sorry I lost track of how many times) because I can promise you it is not Rabbi Gifter or his sons writing this blog and I guarantee all of you this blog will not stop until Morainu's Tzav HoAchron is fulfilled.

Lets daven that this is the light at the end of the tunnel and Telshe Yeshiva will be able to turn over a new leaf and become what the Rosh Yeshivas in the past wanted the yeshiva to be. A place were bochurim in what ever generation it is can come and learn. (Yes that means that the yeshiva will have to change just like the generation changes. You can ask every rebbe if the children that they teach today are the same as they were 10, 20, 30, and yes even 65 years ago its nice to dream that you are back in pre world war but you are not, you are now in the year 2008 you have to accommodate and not ignore or cover up what is happening around you (yes levitansky and stein we are talking to you).



go to http://cpdocket.cp.cuyahogacounty.us/ and search by case number 672515 and press "ALL" on the top of the page


As we are already talking in "remiza" then we beg of you to please listen, digest and comprehend the following . . . .VERY CAREFULLY:

On an international conference call, in the early hours of Hoshana Rabba, with over a minyan of participants, all of us long time talmidim of Maran HaGaon Rav Motel Gifter z"l, it was decided L'ma'an:

L'maan aisan Ham'lamed b'lahav aish!
- In the merit of "the courageous one", who taught us Torah with a flaming fire;

L'maan b'no hanaekad al even v'aish!
- In the merit of his son who is being 'bound' and "burned" for the sake of a "SHTEIN"

L'ma'an zahav-har yaraditem alav k'asih?!
- For the sake of the "Gold-Burg" you befell him like a fire?!

L'ma'an yedidus habayis asher ahavnu mishmei aish!
- In the merit of the House (of Torah) that we love more than the fires of your machlokes!

L'ma'an kaumah ad shakah b'aish?!
- In the merit of not waiting until you totally sink the Yeshiva in the fires of machlokes!

L'ma'an m'kaneh kinah gedolah b'aish!
- In the merit of (our) zealously taking a great vengeance with a fire!

L'ma'an pshutim mushlachim b'asih!
- In the merit of we who are fully prepared to be cast into the fires!

L'ma'an chas v'shalom shimimos ircha shelo yisrafu b'aish!
- In the merit of c"v not allowing you to cast the ruins of Telshe Yeshiva into the fire!

To that end we have concluded that we will not sit by idly while you blaspheme and disgrace Torah Hashem - b'issurim d'oraisha mamish! with malicious, slanderous lies (of misappropriating Yeshiva funds?!) are being be propagated by the "hanhala" against Reb Zalmen, in arkaos shel akum - gentile courts!

Have you all lost your minds?! Where is your Yiras Hashem?! Who was matir for you to go to ARKAOS?!!

Listen carefully - as you have brought this on yourselves!

Even the most simple minded person can clearly see that you are just using Reb Chaim Shtein Shlit'a, as a front man for your sinful machlokes! Everyone can see that it is a very shallow attempt to muster false validity & justification for your despicable attempt to wrest control of the Yeshiva from Reb Zalmen. Well, now that you have cast the first "shtein"- so to speak - you must be prepared for the consequences of your insidious actions!

B'midah sh'atah moded - bo modidin bach! Here now is the flip side of your opening a court case!

We know dozens of menadvim (some of them are us!) who over the course of many years have been m'nadev alfei dinri kesef, intended for Telshe Yeshiva only that were intentionally diverted into private accounts for personal (& familial) uses, such as for:

** the sick and needy (nice . . .but NOT for whom or what the money was intended!)

** adoption expenses (also nice, but NOT for whom or what the money was intended!)

** purchasing houses for family members (certainly NOT for whom or what the money was intended!)

** other mosdos on the east coast - with "BIG" roshei yeshiva, who profess to be a "Blessing of Life," (but certainly are not role models of example how to live such a life!) and again. . .certainly NOT for whom or what our money was intended!

** other various family member needs and the like . . . ALL NOT for whom or what the money was intended! . . . and we have the canceled checks to prove it!

Rabbi Levitansky, you who are the leader of this insidious machlokes, (which has nothing to do with you, except it seems to be the only way you can hope to keep your cushy do-nothing job) you who are now the board appointed legal address for all matters, concerns and consultations with the goyishe courts, hearken and listen clearly and understand what you are doing, where you are treading and what can of worms you are opening for yourselves - so that you have no one to blame but yourself!

If you continue down this path - we are prepared, if necessary, to file an Amicus Curiae brief as (dare we even say these words? Hashem yerachem!) "friends of the arkaos"! We will show who has been running secret accounts for years - and bring eidem who will be mayid that the monies they gave to that certain individual were never intended to go anywhere other than Telshe Yeshiva's main operating account - for use, by and for Telshe Yeshiva ONLY!

We are very sorry to say this, but we will be forced to leave no "Stone" unturned! V'dai l'chakimah b'remizah! Hashem Yerachem al kulanu - but WE WILL DO IT!

It is not a job we are looking forward to doing - but we will! We are prepared to do the necessary dirty work and let the chillul Hashem you started continue in the headlines of the newspapers: "Rabbi indicted on charges of embezzlement & money laundering"! It will all be on your cheshbon! And was it not he himself who said to the hanahala "ersht aledekin der eisek in arkaos un der nach gain in Beis Din?!" (First let's settle this in court and only after we will return to beis din!)

Supposed role models of Torah - the chillul Hashem you are going to cause is oyam v'norah! How do Rabbonim & Roshei Yeshiva go to GOYISHE COURTS?!

It's not too late! Even Yonah's Teshuva, when he was already drowning, saved him! Your place is where all yidden must be when in any kind of dispute - the place where you first brought your claims against Reb Zalmen - in a Din Torah Hakedosha!

You are not above He who dwells in the place of justice - Elokim nitzav b'adas kale!


We received a request to post the following letter.

Dear Rabbi Levitansky; Shlit"a

I am writing to you as a concerned parent.

Please forgive me for choosing (for now) to remain anonymous. I am afraid to confront you directly as I don't want my son to suffer repercussions.

I plan to call Mr. Harry Brown and inquire what is the truth of these goings on. I know him for many years to be sincerely dedicated to Telshe Yeshiva and not given to irrational excitement and false accusations! He would never do anything that was unfounded or not in the best interest of Telshe Yeshiva! I am also recommending to other parents who have children in the Yeshiva to do the same. His phone number is: 216.363.4606.

But will Rabbi Levitansky please honestly answer the following question:

A number of people have told me that this young man was quietly sent for therapy (to JL in Chicago?). Now if as you insist "NOTHING HAPPENED" and you were advised by your (Chicago) lawyer (and Chicago Rabbi!) to take no action and vehemently deny the reliability of the boy who told you he was propositioned to "pull his pants down" so that this young man can "check if he is a 'halachik adult'" can you then please explain to me, why did you arrange for this young man to go for therapy?! Do you usually send 'innocent normal' people who do "NOTHING WRONG" for psychological counseling?!

Rabbi Levitansky, I mean this with the greatest of respect. Thank God, the targeted victim was emotionally resilient enough to fend off being molested (and therefore technically "NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENED") but in what way could that possibly justify your not immediately and completely removing any further possible contact or interaction, with this potentialy dangerous threat, from my son and all the other boys in the Yeshiva that we entrusted to your care?

Did you really first need an actual molestation to "HAPPEN" leaving in its wake an emotionally damaged molested child, before you would take action and protect the remaining young men you are legally and halachikly responsible for?!


Before Yom Kippur - I beg your forgivness!

Dear Editor:

I write this letter with mixed emotions.
A mixture of remorse, for spreading negative feelings about Telshe Yeshiva, to whom I should be grateful, for educating my son in the ways Torah - a feeling of pride, that I succeeded in ridding the Yeshiva of a young married man who was improperly engaging students and a threat to their emotional well being! (One must be careful of what one writes - so I will refer to him as the "PERSON"!) - while at the same time I also feel shame - shame, as it seems someone else took the blame for my actions. I am truly sorry for that!

Please allow me to explain. I am a mother of a young bachur, still in Telz. He was part of a chevra of boys some of whom (three of his close friends) are no longer in the Yeshiva. They just could not bear to stay there any longer.

The aforementioned "PERSON" was without question a danger and threat to be around young boys! He would speak to my son and his three friends and others, individually and alone about matters that only a boys father or mother should speak to him about. Their sexual feelings and stirrings of puberty, asking them to self stimulate in his presence so that he could assure them that their sexual organ and other body functions were working properly!

Many of the high school boys began referring to this "PERSON" half jokingly and half fearfully as the Yeshiva's Sex Education Instructor! The boys were scared to be alone with him! They didn't know what to do! The main problem as it turns out was . . . his father is a very close associate of Rabbi Levitansky the head of the High School.

When the stories of this "PERSON's" conduct reached Rabbi Levitansky - he duly investigated and interviewed all three boys - as he should have (although later, he would inform the Hanhala that there was only one boy reporting this abominable conduct!).

This was all before the 2007 summer camp season of the camp on the Telshe Yeshiva's grounds ("Kol Torah" - run by Rabbi Yonna Scheinbaum). Now here is a surprise for you. You go figure it out! Would you believe it . . . but somehow the camp that had been previously employing this "PERSON" for a many years, all of a sudden did not rehire him for the 2007 summer season! (Wonder why? Did Rabbi Levitansky perhaps inform them that he was a threat to young boys?!)

The camp season passes - the Yeshiva semester begins - and to my shock this "PERSON" is still around in the Yeshiva! My G-d, what is a mother to do? I knew (from my son) that Rabbi Levitansky knew full well about what this "PERSON" was doing - and yet the Rabbi did nothing to obviate the danger to his charges - the High School students - who were helpless against this potential threat! And Rabbi Levitansky also knew full well that this "PERSON" was using the Mikvah facility in the dormitory!! Need I explain more?!!

My son informed me that student contact with this "PERSON" was still sanctioned! Rabbi Levitansky and the Hanhala totally ignored what these boys shared with Rabbi Levitansky! You won't believe this next occurrence but I promise you it is absolutely true! To compound the danger a hundred fold, Rabbi Levitansky gave permission and approved this "PERSON" to have a private room in the dormitory for his own personal use!
My G-d! I could not believe it! Neither could my son or these boys - who had been interviewed by Rabbi Levitansky and now they felt betrayed!

It now appears in retrospect that aside from Rabbi Levitansky and Rabbi Yona Scheinbaum - no one else on the Hanhala, nor the dormitory supervisor, nor the Rosh Hayshiva had any idea that there was such a "PERSON" in their midst!
As a parent - I felt I needed to act. There clearly was a cover-up being perpetrated and I needed to save my son and perhaps your children too!
I took upon myself to contact the Yeshiva's attorney Mr. Harry Brown. I did this anonymously - to protect my son - who Rabbi Levitansky was as yet unaware that he had direct knowledge of the goings on with this "PERSON"!

Mr. Brown called an emergency meeting of the Hanahala. ONLY then did Rabbi Levitansky act. (Act is actually a very good word to describe his following actions!)
Rabbi Levitansky met with the members of the Hanhala just one day before Mr. Brown's arrival on campus and ONLY then informed them of the issues at hand. Rabbi Levitansky assured the Hanhala that it was nothing at all to be concerned anout! He assured his collieges that he had personally investigated the charges, Mr. Brown would bring up the next day, and he had spoken to the one and only boy who made any accusations and Rabbi Levitanky assured the members of the Hanhala that nothing really happened, the charges were just one boy and unfounded! Yes, a cover-up was under way!
The Yeshiva's attorney Mr. Harry Brown met with the Hanhala the very next day and was shocked and appaled to find that the Hanhala completely unresponsive! They ignored his advice, as their attorney looking out for their best interest and the best interest if the students, to immediately and with all possible haste dismiss this "THREAT" to their Yeshiva!

NOTHING HAPPENED! Rabbi Levitansky and the Hanhala refused to act upon his advice! I could not believe it! This "PERSON" was not even cautioned to refrain from further interaction with these or other young men. My son informed me that the highly charged conversations continued on as before!

I felt I had no choice! So I started a letter writing campaign in order to stop Rabbi Levitansky's cover-up for his friend's son! I must protect my child or I must remove him from the Yeshiva!
Tell me please . . . as a parent, what would you have done?
My only regret is that I feel bad someone else took the blame for my deeds - and for that I am sincerely sorry! I apologize to Rabbi Gifter as I now understand that he is being blamed! I hope that he will one day forgive me - as I honestly meant well!

Mrs. Concerned Mother