Thursday, June 24, 2010

From The Mail Box

Now that more and more telzers are leaving telz does anyone know when Sholom Shapiro and Dovid Goldberg is leaving? Why don't they just close up shop? Let BMG come and open a yeshiva in Cleveland and show the Telzer how to run a yeshiva. There are more Telzers in Lakewood then in Telz.

Chas Vesholom should we say this but as more telzers move to Lakewood the Lakewooders will move to Cleveland to get away from them. I'm sure when Rav Makiel Kotler was in Telz a couple weeks ago he was so impress with the famous Telzer Yeshiva when they brought the so call Mechinah to help the 11 bochurim that are left in that big bais medrash so he can say his shumuz after davening. All former Talmidim would like to thank the Hanhala's of the Yeshiva and Board Member's for ruining the yeshiva with leadership of gavah. Will the last one who leave's the building turn out the lights!

Oh and by the way breaking news Yossi Sova who was a so called 9th grade rebbe is moving to Monsey! We would like to wish him much success in all of his endeavors and we pray that he will not act with his new bosses the way he acted with his old one.