Sunday, August 22, 2010

A close friend of Rav Yankel Horowitz says

As you all saw this past week in the yated that my good friend rav yankel was visiting telz Cleveland (some said it was to tell the new hanhala the proper way telzers daven on rosh hashanah) but after speaking with him he said the following.

I really had no interest in going to telz or being involved in any which way with what is going on but Rabbi Levin from Chicago begged of me to come to show the world... (I don't know what but they paid my ticket) he promised me that I would be able to speak from the aron kodesh something that every telzer wishes they could do because only special people get to speak from in front of the aron kodesh everyone else speaks from one of the side or back rooms. When I was in Cleveland I was invited to make the 45 minute trip to visit Rav Chaim Stein who should have a refuah shlaima. As some of you may have heard Rav Chaim has been getting better and was responding to people. I had my hopes high that he would say or respond to me. When I walked into the room I realized what I heard was far from the truth (like as far as the new hanhala has the right to run the yeshiva). I saw in front of me a man who R"L is called a vegetable he has a trek in his throat and is hooked up to a respirator. I can't understand how the family is able to go around and say he is responding..


Signing off a close friend of Rav Horowitz who can't understand how people changed so much from when their rabbim were alive and well or maybe they had it inside of them all this time

Thursday, June 24, 2010

From The Mail Box

Now that more and more telzers are leaving telz does anyone know when Sholom Shapiro and Dovid Goldberg is leaving? Why don't they just close up shop? Let BMG come and open a yeshiva in Cleveland and show the Telzer how to run a yeshiva. There are more Telzers in Lakewood then in Telz.

Chas Vesholom should we say this but as more telzers move to Lakewood the Lakewooders will move to Cleveland to get away from them. I'm sure when Rav Makiel Kotler was in Telz a couple weeks ago he was so impress with the famous Telzer Yeshiva when they brought the so call Mechinah to help the 11 bochurim that are left in that big bais medrash so he can say his shumuz after davening. All former Talmidim would like to thank the Hanhala's of the Yeshiva and Board Member's for ruining the yeshiva with leadership of gavah. Will the last one who leave's the building turn out the lights!

Oh and by the way breaking news Yossi Sova who was a so called 9th grade rebbe is moving to Monsey! We would like to wish him much success in all of his endeavors and we pray that he will not act with his new bosses the way he acted with his old one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

From the Mail Box

Dear members of Klal Yisroel and Telz Hanhala,

We are in the mists of a crisis! The Rosh Yeshiva Rav Chaim Stein is critically ill! For all those who don't know what is happening I will explain on Shabbos May 8th, Rav Chaim fell off his bed being that he is in his 90s he was taken to his doctor to make sure everything was ok. The doctor did a full check up and could not find anything wrong. On Tuesday May 11th Rav Chaim went unconscious, he was rushed to the hospital next to his home and went under numerous test to figure out why. As the hours passed they performed a cat-scan and discovered bleeding in the brain. He was then rushed to down town Cleveland to have emergency surgery performed which took place 12 hours later due to complications with his medications. As of this letter Rav Chaim has not woken up since Tuesday May 11th.

Having said the above can someone please explain why in the world would a yeshiva give an "off shabbos" if their Rosh Yeshiva is laying deathly ill in the hospital? I understand that the new telz hanhala has already appointed a new rosh yeshiva in his stead but a little mesiras nefesh would be in proper place to push off the "off shabbos" as a zechus for Rav Chaim its been only 2 weeks!

A Talmid

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chutzpah Has No Bounds!

We all wish Rav Chaim a refuah shelaimah

But it now appears that the present powers to be can't wait for "what happens"!

For they now have a new plan, that calls for the appointing of Rav Levine, the chicago Rosh Yeshiva as also Rosh Yeshiva of Cleveland. 

I guess a mazel tov is in order! 



They already have Rav Chaim in the ground!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

R' Chiam Stein rushed to hospital

Please take a moment from your day and be Mispallel for R' Chaim Stein, who was rushed to the hospital today
he is unconscious, and has bleeding in his brain after falling this past shabbos. His name is Chaim Yaakov ben Chasia Miriam.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What is your connection to telz?

After months of research we have finally discovered the truth about what is going on in Telz.

We would like to ask forgiveness from the current hanhala for blaming them why there are only 11 bodies in the bais medrash this zman.

We have finally figured out they are not at fault.

We have taken the time to contact hundreds of telz alumni (Thanks R' Zev Poss for letting us get the list) to find out what they liked about telz and what do they feel they are missing out from today?

Would you believe that 98% said the same thing!

The main response was, they feel that the only connection to telz is "Perleys Chulent" and since today perley is retired and is not making the chulent they have no connection to telz and don't talk about sending children to telz.

And for your information the remaining 2% response was, the Liver shabbos day and the famous "telz Sandwiches" by the shabbos day seudah

So as you see it has nothing to do with who is running telz it has to do with who is making the food

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Fighting In The New Hanhala Continues!

We would like to wish a mazel tov to Rabbi Avrohom Notis the Son In-Law of Harav Dovid Barkin zt"l who is the Son In-Law of Harav Eli Meir Bloch zt"l the founder of Telz Yeshiva in America on the birth of a Daughter.

The new policy of the hanhala is that nothing can be done without a vote of the entire hanhala. This policy was put into act to counter act the policy from when Rav Eli Meir Bloch zt"l started the yeshiva till Rav Mordechai Gifter zt"l was niftar "it was a one man show, the hanhala was just an advisory board." The problem is R' Shalom Shapiro seems to have promoted himself above and beyond the rest of the hanhala. This was found out after the new psak halacha came out "Not to give an aliya to Rabbi Notis when his wife came to davening"!!! (As is the custom, after a lady has a baby the first time she leaves her house should be to daven on a day that the Torah is read and the husband should get an aliya when she is there.)

Let's take a step back and forget the fight that's going on in Telz. Have they all forgotten who the founder of Telz Cleveland, Chicago was? R' Shapiro how do you have no feelings to a Yesoma who was sitting in the Ladies section? Have you forgotten her father and grandfather?

Let this be a warning to all those on the Telshe Campus "the big benefactor who gave money to R' Chaim Stein from Chicago is in the middle of a Federal Investigation and is liquidating all of his nursing homes" we don't know the ways of G-D but when you cause pain to orphans and widows watch out.

On a personal note to the big benefactor from Chicago maybe you should have listened to Rabbi Naiman instead of R' Chaim Dov Keller you may have been in a different situation today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Fight In Telz Chicago - Chicago has had enough with Telz

Inside sources have said over that the Kellers and Levins are having it out if they should still be involved in the telz cleveland fight. It seems said the insider that the involvement of telz chicagos roshei yeshiva is having a very bad affect on the day to day money in the yeshiva. In other words people are stopping to give them money due to the fact that they are involved in whats going on in cleveland.

we will keep you posted stay tuned.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

R' Chaim Stein opens new kollel or better said is trying...

A little history is called for. For all those that read the past posts would notice we have spoken about telz round 3 ww3. Lets go back and tell you about round 1 and how its coming out again in 2010.

For all those of you that know a little of telz history what you will read today will not be a surprise.

What some of you do not know is that r' chaim stein who is not related at all to the telz family tried very hard when he was in telz to marry into the telz family (told over from Reb. Sorutzkin to one of her grandchildren) it has been since than that r' chaim stein has been trying to take over the yeshiva.

Its been over 30 years since the famous shmus that rav gifter gave a month and half after rav b sorutzkin was niftar. Rav gifter came back from e"y to set things up in Cleveland so he can go back to e"y to telz stone. In the shmues he says that he asked people what changes to make in the yeshiva and they all gave him different ideas but he is not listening to them and gives the younger generation to start giving the shurim. He goes on further to say that since he can't run the yeshiva from e"y on a daily basis as rosh hayeshiva he puts r' chaim stein in charge but stresses that he has to work with the rest of the hanhala and he has no right to work by himself.

A few months later after letters came from Cleveland to rav gifter in telz stone stating that r' chaim stein and r' aizik ausband are fighting to run the yeshiva and the kollel is leaving rav gifter went to speak to Rav Sach and Rav Kanievsky about what to do.

They both told him he must close the yeshiva in telz stone and go back to Cleveland to save the yeshiva from destruction. It was after rav gifter came back that numerous telz alumni from that time said over that rav gifter ran the yeshiva single handily and had to put up with r' chaim stein doing lots of things that...

Today we find out that history is repeating itself, r' chaim stein is trying once again to take over the yeshiva from the gifters. But the surprises are not short of coming information keeps coming in about a new kollel that r' chaim stein is opening this coming elul. But not everything goes so smooth with this new hanhala although they all have the same goal of getting ride of gifter each one of them is fight their own fight to run the yeshiva. r' goldberg told r' chaim stein that the hanhala has to decide who comes to the kollel but r' chaim stein said his grandchildren will decide who will come...

And the fighting in the hanhala continues and the lock on the cage has cracked and is about to burst

Stay tuned for more details about this new kollel and the fighting in the new hanhala

(If anyone knows any info about who is coming to this kollel please email

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s a secret! Or is it?

Thanks to the many leaks in the new administration at Telshe it did not take long until the fighting that everyone said would happen started! Aaron Levitansky has given himself a salary raise complained Dovid Greenwald, what for? going to new York for the din torah he deserves a raise? he does not do any work I am the only one who does something around here! All day he is giving lectures around the United States or he is with his shul in Cleveland Heights he is never around to be with the High School Boys! If he would be here there would not be a din torah for him to go to! (he would have been on gifters side of this whole mess)

And would you believe the response the Administration gave? Please keep this very quite! Yes we know it's a problem but we first need to win the din torah and then we can send him away. But if the bais din sees that we agree to the problems that gifter has all the efforts that we put into this din torah the fasting and lies we had levitansky make up and tell the toan and dayonim we will never win. So please for the sake of your job and us winning this din torah please keep this very quite.

World War 3 (telz round 3) has begun! For now it's in a cage locked up, but it's getting bigger and bigger and it's about to break loose.

Stay tuned for more details of the fighting in the new administration!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Dovid Goldberg losing control?

It has come to our attention that Mosdos Ohr HaTorah one of the day schools in Cleveland have fired a long standing rebbe and talmid of Telshe Yeshiva? After doing some digging we have uncovered from sources by the meeting that the OK to fire the rebbe was given by Dovid Goldberg who has the final say in the entire goings on in the school!

We have a few questions that maybe someone can answer:

  1. Aren't you busy enough with the goings on in Telshe and Yavne Semenary (the school that fell apart after they sent Rabbi Nustat away because he got to power full and for some reason Mrs. Ausband gave over to Goldberg instead of her son) to be busy with the day school?
  2. Don't you think that this rebbe at least deserves some sort of job (like a resource room rebbe) instead of just leaving him no way to put bread on the table?
  3. Instead of demoting him you fire him! How's he supposed to get a job in a different school?
  4. Just one final question: who did you learn to be so cruel from?
    • When you learnt in Telz Chicago (For sure not from Rav Shmezcher!)
    • Maybe from your brother in-law in Riverdale?
    • Or maybe from the telzer in Montreal?
    • Or maybe from the telzers you associate yourself with on the telshe campus?
    • Or all of the above?

Wishing all are readers a good summer, and daven that all of klal yisroel should have food to put on the table.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is He Jewish?

This Pasach we found out that Dovid Greenwald is not a Kohen but a Levi, when it comes shevous we will find out he is not a Levi but a Yisroel, by Rosh Hashona we will find out he is not even Jewish!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are you a Kohen, Levi, Yisroel , Jewish?

Now that Dovid greenwald got a psak from reb Dovid Feinstien that he is not a kohen - why does he not ask his telzer gedolim to over throw his psak and then he can come back a kohen?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Telz Chicago Lies Again

Some of are readers have received an email from Yitzchok Levin the son of Avrohom Chaim Levin the Rosh Yeshiva of Telz Chicago. In his email he goes on to say that "we at Telshe are not associated in any way with this campaign" unfortunately the Rosh Yeshiva in Telz Chicago (Levin & Keller) have very much to do with this campaign of machlokes. How can anyone in their right mind say that they are not part of this campaign? Lets forget about all the letters they signed and had Yitzchok Levin send out! If you show up to the din torah and are the main person speaking that does not sound like you are not involved!

Below is the email that was sent out.
Chag Kosher Vesomeach

We Daven that this din torah should be over very quickly and that both sides should listen to what the dayonim say

P.S. Yitzchok Levin the email you sent out was sent to more then one fake email address next time be more careful.

-----Original Message-----
From: Yitzchok Levin <>
Sent: Fri, Mar 26, 2010 1:44 pm
Subject: Please note

One of the problems of our modern digital age is that twisted persons can adopt the name of a legitimate organization as they attempt to influence others with false and derogatory information. It is indeed reprehensible and regrettable that such an individual seeks to seed machlokes and hatred and is using the name of Telshe Yeshiva Chicago to cover his malicious actions.
Needless to say, we at Telshe are not associated in any way with this campaign and condemn it in the strongest possible terms.
We implore you to delete those emails and to ignore them.
We pray for the day that sanity and shalom will reign supreme.
Wishing you a Chag Kosher Vesomeach,

Telshe Yeshiva Chicago
3535 W. Foster
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 463-7738

Monday, March 22, 2010

From the mailbag:

Talmid Of Rav Gifter ZT"L said...

I heard that the dayan B"H made those ganovim start paying the rebitzin of Harav Hagoan Rav Gifter ZT"L the one that if not for him the yeshiva would have closed down after Harav Hagoan Rav Sorotzkin ZT"L was niftar. She lost her pay check because of her husbands great student the one and only Avrohom Ausband who for some reason has forgotten who got him where he is today. It was Avrohom Ausbands students who has caused much grief to his rebbes wife for when they came they throw eggs at her house and car and damaged her house.

If anyone can please respond if they know if they are listening to the dayonim or if this is one big joke all over again

Friday, March 19, 2010

Din Torah Update

We would like to thank the all those that were involved that made this din torah actually start and we only say start because as of this posting the information that was received was it was 2 days of absolutely wasted time!

We are in middle of getting detailed information of what was said during the 2 days.

Anyone who has information is asked to please leave a comment

As of now the next date for the din torah is some time during Iyyar

More details to follow

Stay tuned for more info

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Din Torah Update

Din Torah to be a great learning session for the Satmar Dayonim and for all that are interested!

Shurim are being given by the world renowned magidei Shurim Avremel Ausband and Chaim Dov Keller!

The topic of discussion "How to twist the words of gedolim in our times" and "what defines having a din torah"!

reserve your seat for there is expected to be standing room only!

Stay Tuned For More Updates!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Ausband very busy trying to do damage control for his yeshiva now that 15 talmidim (or maybe better said "not his talmidim") left.

Din Torah UPDATE

For you information we would like to share with all are readers that we hope that this time "they" will show up for the new date which is to take place this coming Tuesday Rosh Chodesh Nisan

Stay tuned for more info