Friday, November 22, 2013

Los Angeles Shabbos of Chizuk "Rabbi Shlomo Eisenberger refuses to go to LA"

Rabbi Shlomo Eisenberger refuses to go to LA 

We have been told that due to the current situation in regards with Tzvi Belsky and the administration, Rabbi Shlomo Eisenberger has refused to go to LA for the shabbos!
Have no fear Rabbi Yechezkel Munk was not left alone Rabbi Dovid Goldberg said he would go along for the free flight.
(interesting to note no Rechnitz names appear on the committee) 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rabbi Shlomo Eisenberger to move to Lakewood NJ

It’s with great sadness that wish Harav Shlomo Eisenberger a safe trip to Lakewood NJ this coming Pasach.

Rabbi Eisenberger is quoted as saying the following
"Due to the lack of leadership in the Yeshiva regarding the affairs of Tzvi Belsky, I have decided that I cannot stay is such an institution". He went on to say "Even Norman Lam resigned from YU and I should stay here and be part of this great dishonor to G-D"! 
The great Rosh Yeshivas of past generations fought against this very thing and this person should be running the yeshiva?

He has since called upon Rabbi Yosef Davis to resign as well, stating someone that has a relationship with your ex son in-law does not belong representing you.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Telshe Today

What does a Yeshiva do when one of their staff is caught downloading porn, chatting online, meeting other women and then finally getting divorced ? After years of being rattled by fighting for the leadership of the Yeshiva, it finally was somewhat worked out and things seemed as they were getting quiet. Now the Telshe Yeshiva of Wickliffe Ohio is once again being thrown into turmoil but this time with a sex scandal. Rabbi Tzvi Belsky (son of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky of the OU) and married to the granddaughter of the late Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Stein was hired as the executive director of the Yeshiva. With the urging of his uncle Rabbi Moshe Ruven Barkin, Belsky was ushered in as the savior for the withering Telshe Yeshiva. A promising future was the slogan of this new administration. In the beginning things looked good as they did a lot of PR and put the Yeshiva back on the minds of people. A dinner in the memory of Reb Chaim Stein was held with the attendance of about 600 people, much more than the Yeshiva ever had before. From there things didn't continue as planned. As the promising future was not materializing people once again were keeping their money from the Yeshiva, and the Yeshiva suddenly began falling behind in checks. One check a month the Yeshiva is always able to give thanks to the generosity of the Klein family who promised the late Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Stein that they would do that. In the last six months that is the only check the faculty has been receiving.
Last summer many of us heard that Tzvi Belsky the fundraiser/executive director of the Yeshiva was having marital problems. At that time he was also teaching in the Yeshiva Camp Kol Torah as he did for the last few years. The problems at that time were involving porn addiction, sex chatting, strip clubs, and he was sent to therapy. If anything went on between Belsky and boys in Camp Kol Torah isn't known yet, but we do know that they refused to rehire him this year. Do they have more information that we don't have as of now?? Well Belsky went to N.Y. for therapy and at the same time was able to enjoy his freedom of traveling to visit his online friends and the N.Y./N.J. strip clubs. Finally, he was busted in those places, online girls were chatting him on public computers and porn movies were found hidden on his computer. His wife realizing that she was married to a pervert that even therapy couldn't help went for divorce. As the stories of all Belsky's action began spreading more people suddenly had what to add, never davening, Chillul Shabbos, prostitutes and much more. Belsky, realizing he was in trouble began trying to win over the faculty of the Yeshiva. Being behind in checks, which in essence means not doing a good fundraising job he immediately contacted his brother in law Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz to give the Yeshiva 50k so he can give a check and then hopefully everyone will look away from all his other actions. When he gave out the check and that still didn't happen he began threatening the Yeshiva that the land adjacent to the Yeshiva that is owned by his brother in law will be used against the interests of the Yeshiva. Getting another 50k for a second check and hopefully with that threat he is hoping his job will be secured.

 What will the faculty of Telshe Yeshiva do now? Will they sell themselves out to this pervert, spouse cheating, porn addict etc. and let him stay as the name and face of their Yeshiva or will they do the correct thing and have him replaced with a more qualified individual that will not be a disgrace for a upstanding Orthodox Yeshiva ? Time and public opinion will be the deciding factor.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kavod HaTorah

With great gratitude we would like to thank Rabbi Yosef Davis for undertaking the monumental task of Co-Chairman of Telshe Yeshiva

It’s truly unbelievable to see how much time and effort he has given to the yeshiva in this very short period

One of his great accomplishments is the time he has taken from his extremely busy schedule to talk and explain to the Hanhallah about the different strategies of fundraising and already we have seen the fruits of his labor.

Maran Harav Shlomo Eisenberger Shlita has been moser nefesh by going to Florida this past week to collect desperately needed funds and rumors have it that it was thanks to Rabbi Yosef Davis that he was extremely successful.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Yosef Davis we wish the yeshiva much hatzlacha and it should continue to grow as Maran Harav Chaim Stein ztl said "back to the way it was".

Friday, July 5, 2013

Executive Vice President at Telshe Rabbinical College?????

Zvi Belsky

Executive Vice President at Telshe Rabbinical College

Can someone please explain why this person still has this title?

Let me explain my question,
Rabbi Chaim Stein z"l has a daughter that married Rabbi Menachem Levin who is the 11th grade rebbe in the high school

Zvi Belsky came to Telshe to learn and married the levin's daughter they purchased a house had a child... everything was great

We all know about the din torah...
the Stein family got that Rabbi Steins Grandson in-law will be the Executive Vice President of the yeshiva and everything was great


Someone was caught using the internet for things that he should not be viewing..... and his wife and her family where not happy

this led to therapy.... and now its a divorce

so its all very simple
How is it possible that this person can still have the title?
Is this who we want to be running the yeshiva?
yes the world we live in is crazy but we have a Torah
every state is legalizing the things the Torah says is wrong do we let this go into the yeshivas also?
is this what Rabbi Chaim Stein meant when he said the yeshiva will return to its glory?
(or maybe all the story's they say about how many telzers can fit on a bed is true)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

“Breaking News”

Reports are coming in from Eretz Yisroel that after the bais din came down to Wickliffe, Rabbi Levin has been making calls to people in Eretz Yisroel complaining that the Bais Din is a bias Bais Din for Gifter.

As soon as more details are available we will post an update

Friday, June 24, 2011



We would like to thank the readers for sending in updates from this past week in Wickliffe, for all of you that did not hear the update the bais din came down to Wickliffe (June 20 - 21) to talk to the rebbim in the yeshiva to get a real feel of what is going on. B"H they came out seeing all the sheker that the "New Hanhala" have been saying

Below are a few of the things that were sent in. If you have any updates please feel free to send it in so we can post it

1) When Eisenberg and Shapiro told the bais din that they have been paying the employes of the yeshiva on time, the bais din responded that some of the rebbim told them that they have not been paid in a while!!!

2) Even after Avrohom Chaim Levin came down to Wickliffe and spoke to the employes of the yeshiva and told them that they must talk bad to the bais din about gifter it seems that most of the rebbim told the bais din the facts the way it is and did not listen to levin (and Ausband) to lie to the bais din.

3) The newest story that Eisenberg (and the "New Hanhala") came up with was that Rav Gifter zt"l never wanted the yeshiva to go to his son. Gifters toan (lawyer) ask the bais din and eisenberg if true why did the hanhala sign a letter saying that gifter is the menahel of the yeshiva and go against what Rav Gifter zt"l wanted? eisenberg answered that that was a way of making gifter the fundraiser with a nice title. Gifters toan answered back if so why does it say on the next line of the letter that he is in charge of all ruchnius and gashmius (monetary and education) of the yeshiva!

4) We would like to thank moshe rasha Barkin for making a chilul hashem in the lobby of the hotel insisting that he have the zechus to bring the bais din back to the airport for no other reason other than to have the zechus and nothing to do with the fact that he was not able to control himself and was screaming at the bais din the day before that gifter is a horrible person

5) I heard from reliable source that The hanhalla called in 2 rabbaim after finding out that they told b"d that the hanhalla is destroying the yeshiva and told them be aware we know what u said !!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Readers:

To the hundreds of readers that left their heart felt comments, we would like to share the following thought with you.

“The Chofetz Chaim wrote a sefer against lashon hara, but the same Chofetz Chaim was the biggest zealot in speaking out against the innovators of his time.” These people are the innovators of this generation.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Telshe Yeshiva's 69th Annual Scholarship Dinner

As some of you have received in an email from David Greenwald “Boruch Hashem, the Telshe Yeshiva's 69th Annual Scholarship Dinner was a huge success.  In fact, this year was the most successful dinner in Telshe history!” “The evening was graced with the presence of Avrohom Chaim Levin, of Telshe Chicago and with the guest speaker, Avrohom Ausband, of Yeshiva of Telshe Alumni Riverdale.”
             I would like to explain to the readers a little different view, a view from someone who was at the dinner and it was far from how the people of Telshe would like you to believe.
             Let me first ask you how a dinner can be successful, if before the guest speaker gets up to speak a huge part of the crowd leaves?
             As for what this guest speaker said:
 All of us Telzers know that Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Bloch zt”l together with Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Katz zt”l (Reb Mottel) started Telshe Yeshiva Cleveland from scratch. So how can someone even think of saying that Telz Cleveland belongs to the Ausbands because their great grandfather was the one who started telz in Lithuania? I am very sorry to say the holocaust did happen and Telz Lita was all destroyed. But let us not get off track; please take a minute to understand what this so called guest speaker was trying to say.
As all of you have heard there are big problems in Cleveland. Until now you had 2 sides, 1 side was Gifter that his father Rabbi Mordechai Gifter zt”l gave over the yeshiva to his son, the other side was the Steins being supported by Levin, Keller, Glustein, Howowitz, Levitansky, Eisenberger, Goldberg and behind the scenes was Ausband who up until recently was unknown to the public that he was involved (we will get back to this in a moment) they all said that Gifter has no clue how to run a yeshiva we can do a much better job so goodbye Gifter we are running the place! I am not here to explain the back and forth between the 2 sides, that we will leave for the bais din. But let me ask you a question did any of you ever hear of such a thing that if you don’t like the way the owner of a company is running his company you can tell him to leave! As far as I know the employee quits his job and opens his own company if he is unhappy? But then the Ribono Shel Olam throws in a fork into this mess and the Stein’s can’t run the yeshiva anymore and the true colors start coming out, this is not a fight against Gifter for the Stein’s, each and every person who is fighting is fighting his own battle just the common enemy at this point is: "they all have to get rid of Gifter!" As you now understand that Ausband and Goldberg were never interested in the Steins they think that the yeshiva belongs to them just they themselves can’t get rid of Gifter so they team up with the others.
Now let’s understand why Ausband until now has been very quiet to the outside world. I say outside world because Rabbi Dovid Feinstein Shlita said that before he came out with his pesak regarding Telz, Ausband didn’t stop bothering the bais din that they should not put out a pesak for Gifter's. Let’s go back in time a little bit and explain the Ausband Gifter relationship. Those of you who remember and listened to the levaya of Rabbi Mordechai Gifter zt”l which was held in Darchei Torah might remember that when Ausband got up to speak he keep saying “i have to ask Mechilah” WHY? What did he do that such a so called “close talmid” would keep saying by his rebbe’s levaya that “i have to ask mechila” but never end up asking it? To answer this we have to explain how Telshe Alumni Yeshiva came about.
Telshe Alumni started out first in Westfield NJ, when Rabbi Mordechai Gifter zt”l sent his son in-law and talmid to open a yeshiva but due to vicious anti-Semitism, the yeshiva had to move it was then that their Rebbe said “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE ARE YOU TO MOVE TO RIVERDALE” and when Ausband came and said they can’t find anywhere to go Rav Gifter said “rent a place upstate and everything will work out "BUT DON’T GO TO RIVERDALE”.  As history has it the yeshiva went to Riverdale and Rav Gifter’s son in-law left the yeshiva. This is the so called close talmid of Rav Gifter zt”l. 
So my friends I ask you is this the type of people we want educating the leaders of the next generation? Do we want our children to learn not to listen to their rebbe?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A close friend of Rav Yankel Horowitz says

As you all saw this past week in the yated that my good friend rav yankel was visiting telz Cleveland (some said it was to tell the new hanhala the proper way telzers daven on rosh hashanah) but after speaking with him he said the following.

I really had no interest in going to telz or being involved in any which way with what is going on but Rabbi Levin from Chicago begged of me to come to show the world... (I don't know what but they paid my ticket) he promised me that I would be able to speak from the aron kodesh something that every telzer wishes they could do because only special people get to speak from in front of the aron kodesh everyone else speaks from one of the side or back rooms. When I was in Cleveland I was invited to make the 45 minute trip to visit Rav Chaim Stein who should have a refuah shlaima. As some of you may have heard Rav Chaim has been getting better and was responding to people. I had my hopes high that he would say or respond to me. When I walked into the room I realized what I heard was far from the truth (like as far as the new hanhala has the right to run the yeshiva). I saw in front of me a man who R"L is called a vegetable he has a trek in his throat and is hooked up to a respirator. I can't understand how the family is able to go around and say he is responding..


Signing off a close friend of Rav Horowitz who can't understand how people changed so much from when their rabbim were alive and well or maybe they had it inside of them all this time

Thursday, June 24, 2010

From The Mail Box

Now that more and more telzers are leaving telz does anyone know when Sholom Shapiro and Dovid Goldberg is leaving? Why don't they just close up shop? Let BMG come and open a yeshiva in Cleveland and show the Telzer how to run a yeshiva. There are more Telzers in Lakewood then in Telz.

Chas Vesholom should we say this but as more telzers move to Lakewood the Lakewooders will move to Cleveland to get away from them. I'm sure when Rav Makiel Kotler was in Telz a couple weeks ago he was so impress with the famous Telzer Yeshiva when they brought the so call Mechinah to help the 11 bochurim that are left in that big bais medrash so he can say his shumuz after davening. All former Talmidim would like to thank the Hanhala's of the Yeshiva and Board Member's for ruining the yeshiva with leadership of gavah. Will the last one who leave's the building turn out the lights!

Oh and by the way breaking news Yossi Sova who was a so called 9th grade rebbe is moving to Monsey! We would like to wish him much success in all of his endeavors and we pray that he will not act with his new bosses the way he acted with his old one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

From the Mail Box

Dear members of Klal Yisroel and Telz Hanhala,

We are in the mists of a crisis! The Rosh Yeshiva Rav Chaim Stein is critically ill! For all those who don't know what is happening I will explain on Shabbos May 8th, Rav Chaim fell off his bed being that he is in his 90s he was taken to his doctor to make sure everything was ok. The doctor did a full check up and could not find anything wrong. On Tuesday May 11th Rav Chaim went unconscious, he was rushed to the hospital next to his home and went under numerous test to figure out why. As the hours passed they performed a cat-scan and discovered bleeding in the brain. He was then rushed to down town Cleveland to have emergency surgery performed which took place 12 hours later due to complications with his medications. As of this letter Rav Chaim has not woken up since Tuesday May 11th.

Having said the above can someone please explain why in the world would a yeshiva give an "off shabbos" if their Rosh Yeshiva is laying deathly ill in the hospital? I understand that the new telz hanhala has already appointed a new rosh yeshiva in his stead but a little mesiras nefesh would be in proper place to push off the "off shabbos" as a zechus for Rav Chaim its been only 2 weeks!

A Talmid

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chutzpah Has No Bounds!

We all wish Rav Chaim a refuah shelaimah

But it now appears that the present powers to be can't wait for "what happens"!

For they now have a new plan, that calls for the appointing of Rav Levine, the chicago Rosh Yeshiva as also Rosh Yeshiva of Cleveland. 

I guess a mazel tov is in order! 



They already have Rav Chaim in the ground!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

R' Chiam Stein rushed to hospital

Please take a moment from your day and be Mispallel for R' Chaim Stein, who was rushed to the hospital today
he is unconscious, and has bleeding in his brain after falling this past shabbos. His name is Chaim Yaakov ben Chasia Miriam.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What is your connection to telz?

After months of research we have finally discovered the truth about what is going on in Telz.

We would like to ask forgiveness from the current hanhala for blaming them why there are only 11 bodies in the bais medrash this zman.

We have finally figured out they are not at fault.

We have taken the time to contact hundreds of telz alumni (Thanks R' Zev Poss for letting us get the list) to find out what they liked about telz and what do they feel they are missing out from today?

Would you believe that 98% said the same thing!

The main response was, they feel that the only connection to telz is "Perleys Chulent" and since today perley is retired and is not making the chulent they have no connection to telz and don't talk about sending children to telz.

And for your information the remaining 2% response was, the Liver shabbos day and the famous "telz Sandwiches" by the shabbos day seudah

So as you see it has nothing to do with who is running telz it has to do with who is making the food

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Fighting In The New Hanhala Continues!

We would like to wish a mazel tov to Rabbi Avrohom Notis the Son In-Law of Harav Dovid Barkin zt"l who is the Son In-Law of Harav Eli Meir Bloch zt"l the founder of Telz Yeshiva in America on the birth of a Daughter.

The new policy of the hanhala is that nothing can be done without a vote of the entire hanhala. This policy was put into act to counter act the policy from when Rav Eli Meir Bloch zt"l started the yeshiva till Rav Mordechai Gifter zt"l was niftar "it was a one man show, the hanhala was just an advisory board." The problem is R' Shalom Shapiro seems to have promoted himself above and beyond the rest of the hanhala. This was found out after the new psak halacha came out "Not to give an aliya to Rabbi Notis when his wife came to davening"!!! (As is the custom, after a lady has a baby the first time she leaves her house should be to daven on a day that the Torah is read and the husband should get an aliya when she is there.)

Let's take a step back and forget the fight that's going on in Telz. Have they all forgotten who the founder of Telz Cleveland, Chicago was? R' Shapiro how do you have no feelings to a Yesoma who was sitting in the Ladies section? Have you forgotten her father and grandfather?

Let this be a warning to all those on the Telshe Campus "the big benefactor who gave money to R' Chaim Stein from Chicago is in the middle of a Federal Investigation and is liquidating all of his nursing homes" we don't know the ways of G-D but when you cause pain to orphans and widows watch out.

On a personal note to the big benefactor from Chicago maybe you should have listened to Rabbi Naiman instead of R' Chaim Dov Keller you may have been in a different situation today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Fight In Telz Chicago - Chicago has had enough with Telz

Inside sources have said over that the Kellers and Levins are having it out if they should still be involved in the telz cleveland fight. It seems said the insider that the involvement of telz chicagos roshei yeshiva is having a very bad affect on the day to day money in the yeshiva. In other words people are stopping to give them money due to the fact that they are involved in whats going on in cleveland.

we will keep you posted stay tuned.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

R' Chaim Stein opens new kollel or better said is trying...

A little history is called for. For all those that read the past posts would notice we have spoken about telz round 3 ww3. Lets go back and tell you about round 1 and how its coming out again in 2010.

For all those of you that know a little of telz history what you will read today will not be a surprise.

What some of you do not know is that r' chaim stein who is not related at all to the telz family tried very hard when he was in telz to marry into the telz family (told over from Reb. Sorutzkin to one of her grandchildren) it has been since than that r' chaim stein has been trying to take over the yeshiva.

Its been over 30 years since the famous shmus that rav gifter gave a month and half after rav b sorutzkin was niftar. Rav gifter came back from e"y to set things up in Cleveland so he can go back to e"y to telz stone. In the shmues he says that he asked people what changes to make in the yeshiva and they all gave him different ideas but he is not listening to them and gives the younger generation to start giving the shurim. He goes on further to say that since he can't run the yeshiva from e"y on a daily basis as rosh hayeshiva he puts r' chaim stein in charge but stresses that he has to work with the rest of the hanhala and he has no right to work by himself.

A few months later after letters came from Cleveland to rav gifter in telz stone stating that r' chaim stein and r' aizik ausband are fighting to run the yeshiva and the kollel is leaving rav gifter went to speak to Rav Sach and Rav Kanievsky about what to do.

They both told him he must close the yeshiva in telz stone and go back to Cleveland to save the yeshiva from destruction. It was after rav gifter came back that numerous telz alumni from that time said over that rav gifter ran the yeshiva single handily and had to put up with r' chaim stein doing lots of things that...

Today we find out that history is repeating itself, r' chaim stein is trying once again to take over the yeshiva from the gifters. But the surprises are not short of coming information keeps coming in about a new kollel that r' chaim stein is opening this coming elul. But not everything goes so smooth with this new hanhala although they all have the same goal of getting ride of gifter each one of them is fight their own fight to run the yeshiva. r' goldberg told r' chaim stein that the hanhala has to decide who comes to the kollel but r' chaim stein said his grandchildren will decide who will come...

And the fighting in the hanhala continues and the lock on the cage has cracked and is about to burst

Stay tuned for more details about this new kollel and the fighting in the new hanhala

(If anyone knows any info about who is coming to this kollel please email

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s a secret! Or is it?

Thanks to the many leaks in the new administration at Telshe it did not take long until the fighting that everyone said would happen started! Aaron Levitansky has given himself a salary raise complained Dovid Greenwald, what for? going to new York for the din torah he deserves a raise? he does not do any work I am the only one who does something around here! All day he is giving lectures around the United States or he is with his shul in Cleveland Heights he is never around to be with the High School Boys! If he would be here there would not be a din torah for him to go to! (he would have been on gifters side of this whole mess)

And would you believe the response the Administration gave? Please keep this very quite! Yes we know it's a problem but we first need to win the din torah and then we can send him away. But if the bais din sees that we agree to the problems that gifter has all the efforts that we put into this din torah the fasting and lies we had levitansky make up and tell the toan and dayonim we will never win. So please for the sake of your job and us winning this din torah please keep this very quite.

World War 3 (telz round 3) has begun! For now it's in a cage locked up, but it's getting bigger and bigger and it's about to break loose.

Stay tuned for more details of the fighting in the new administration!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Dovid Goldberg losing control?

It has come to our attention that Mosdos Ohr HaTorah one of the day schools in Cleveland have fired a long standing rebbe and talmid of Telshe Yeshiva? After doing some digging we have uncovered from sources by the meeting that the OK to fire the rebbe was given by Dovid Goldberg who has the final say in the entire goings on in the school!

We have a few questions that maybe someone can answer:

  1. Aren't you busy enough with the goings on in Telshe and Yavne Semenary (the school that fell apart after they sent Rabbi Nustat away because he got to power full and for some reason Mrs. Ausband gave over to Goldberg instead of her son) to be busy with the day school?
  2. Don't you think that this rebbe at least deserves some sort of job (like a resource room rebbe) instead of just leaving him no way to put bread on the table?
  3. Instead of demoting him you fire him! How's he supposed to get a job in a different school?
  4. Just one final question: who did you learn to be so cruel from?
    • When you learnt in Telz Chicago (For sure not from Rav Shmezcher!)
    • Maybe from your brother in-law in Riverdale?
    • Or maybe from the telzer in Montreal?
    • Or maybe from the telzers you associate yourself with on the telshe campus?
    • Or all of the above?

Wishing all are readers a good summer, and daven that all of klal yisroel should have food to put on the table.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is He Jewish?

This Pasach we found out that Dovid Greenwald is not a Kohen but a Levi, when it comes shevous we will find out he is not a Levi but a Yisroel, by Rosh Hashona we will find out he is not even Jewish!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are you a Kohen, Levi, Yisroel , Jewish?

Now that Dovid greenwald got a psak from reb Dovid Feinstien that he is not a kohen - why does he not ask his telzer gedolim to over throw his psak and then he can come back a kohen?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Telz Chicago Lies Again

Some of are readers have received an email from Yitzchok Levin the son of Avrohom Chaim Levin the Rosh Yeshiva of Telz Chicago. In his email he goes on to say that "we at Telshe are not associated in any way with this campaign" unfortunately the Rosh Yeshiva in Telz Chicago (Levin & Keller) have very much to do with this campaign of machlokes. How can anyone in their right mind say that they are not part of this campaign? Lets forget about all the letters they signed and had Yitzchok Levin send out! If you show up to the din torah and are the main person speaking that does not sound like you are not involved!

Below is the email that was sent out.
Chag Kosher Vesomeach

We Daven that this din torah should be over very quickly and that both sides should listen to what the dayonim say

P.S. Yitzchok Levin the email you sent out was sent to more then one fake email address next time be more careful.

-----Original Message-----
From: Yitzchok Levin <>
Sent: Fri, Mar 26, 2010 1:44 pm
Subject: Please note

One of the problems of our modern digital age is that twisted persons can adopt the name of a legitimate organization as they attempt to influence others with false and derogatory information. It is indeed reprehensible and regrettable that such an individual seeks to seed machlokes and hatred and is using the name of Telshe Yeshiva Chicago to cover his malicious actions.
Needless to say, we at Telshe are not associated in any way with this campaign and condemn it in the strongest possible terms.
We implore you to delete those emails and to ignore them.
We pray for the day that sanity and shalom will reign supreme.
Wishing you a Chag Kosher Vesomeach,

Telshe Yeshiva Chicago
3535 W. Foster
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 463-7738

Monday, March 22, 2010

From the mailbag:

Talmid Of Rav Gifter ZT"L said...

I heard that the dayan B"H made those ganovim start paying the rebitzin of Harav Hagoan Rav Gifter ZT"L the one that if not for him the yeshiva would have closed down after Harav Hagoan Rav Sorotzkin ZT"L was niftar. She lost her pay check because of her husbands great student the one and only Avrohom Ausband who for some reason has forgotten who got him where he is today. It was Avrohom Ausbands students who has caused much grief to his rebbes wife for when they came they throw eggs at her house and car and damaged her house.

If anyone can please respond if they know if they are listening to the dayonim or if this is one big joke all over again

Friday, March 19, 2010

Din Torah Update

We would like to thank the all those that were involved that made this din torah actually start and we only say start because as of this posting the information that was received was it was 2 days of absolutely wasted time!

We are in middle of getting detailed information of what was said during the 2 days.

Anyone who has information is asked to please leave a comment

As of now the next date for the din torah is some time during Iyyar

More details to follow

Stay tuned for more info

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Din Torah Update

Din Torah to be a great learning session for the Satmar Dayonim and for all that are interested!

Shurim are being given by the world renowned magidei Shurim Avremel Ausband and Chaim Dov Keller!

The topic of discussion "How to twist the words of gedolim in our times" and "what defines having a din torah"!

reserve your seat for there is expected to be standing room only!

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Monday, March 8, 2010


Ausband very busy trying to do damage control for his yeshiva now that 15 talmidim (or maybe better said "not his talmidim") left.

Din Torah UPDATE

For you information we would like to share with all are readers that we hope that this time "they" will show up for the new date which is to take place this coming Tuesday Rosh Chodesh Nisan

Stay tuned for more info

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Din Torah Update

Din Torah pushed off again till...

Lets play a game says Ausband and keller. We will say that we will go to the bais din in Wilyimsberg so we can get ride of the pressure from Harav Eliyashev. Than we will come up with 1 million reasons why we cant make it the day of the din torah.

Can someone please explain why if Keller and Ausband cant make it to the din torah it gets pushed off?

If they think they are right why not go like men...

Comes to show who is really running this fight

Beats me why in the world Keller and Ausband would care whats going on in Cleveland i think they have there own problems that they should solve before they get involved in a different yeshiva...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Imagine what's going on Shomayim!

Can you imagine the heavenly world above?

M.R. (Major Rasha) Barkin's father who was known as a soft spoken takdik - is sitting with Maran Reb Gifter in gan eden, looking down at the world below.

They both observe how Major Rasha Barkin (under the banner of L'shem Shomayim - of course!) is rodef Reb Gifter's son R' Zalman, mevazeh Reb Gifter's almana, shredding her heart to pieces on a daily bases!!

Now what do you think Mr. Barkin's neshama wishes it could do. Run and hide from Reb Gifter's gaze and not be in his presence! Embarassed to no end at how his own son is rodef Reb Gifter's son and kills Reb Gifter's almana, daily! With no rachmanus!

Oy nebach!! MY heart goes out to Mr. Barkin senior - he was known as a good man!


Moshe Ruven (MAJOR RASHASA) are you listening? Do you care about your father's neshama? All of Cleveland already knows you dan't care that your poor wife is suffering daily from your thievery, gezel daas, genaivah, retzicha and machlokes escapades! We all know she has asked you many times to stop being involved - but you just don't give a darn about her or what she thinks (or future Shidduchim - because who would want to be m'shaddech with such a corrupt family?!)! You are so driven to destroy Reb Gifter's son - you just don't care!

Well think about this . . . your dear father's neshama is buring in the Gehenem of shame (right there in Gan Eden!) because of your Rishus!!! And shomayim is not fooled by your phony Tzidkus! You are a Kaison with an Agenda! Don't hide behind "this is all for Reb Chaims kavod"! IT DOES NOT JUSTIFY YOUR RETZICHA OR GENAIVAH OR RISHUS!


To Anon: 8:51

You wrote: "That means publishing the names of the individuals involved (including the yungerman)"

The Yingerman's FUTURE interaction in our community is not the primary focus of our blog.

This should and must be handled by the Rabbanim in our city. They know who he is. It is their obligtion to protect our children.

We need not crucify the yingerman publicly ... unless the Rabbanim shirk their responsibility. Then we will publish the name of the Rav whose Beis Medrish the Yingerman frequents DAILY!

Are you listening Rabbi _ _?! He hangs is your Beis Medrash all day and to date you have not stopped him from interacting with young men. You know who you are - and so do we! You have an achrayus to our community to protect our children!

Rabbi, did you get my letter yet? You will. You don't want the bizyonos in the community of farenfiring why you were protecting a 'potential' child molester do you?

Please make gedarim for him NOW - before the public finds out that YOU TOO protected and covered for him like Ahraleh Levitansky did! You need the communities funding and we wont be forgiving! We don't really want to, but we will publish your name!

You have an achrayus to our community! Please think about our children?

Mail from the Blue Devil

Blue Devil said...

As the saying goes "I'm a long time first time..." I am an individual with quite a bit of first-hand information, and I must say that the blogger(s) has (have) done a tremendous job of presenting the facts in an accurate (albeit cynical) manner. Yes, there are a few assumptions here and perhaps a few which are borderline speculatory, but for the most part he has hit the nail on the head.

I would assume that all or at least a very high percentage of the readers have/had some shaiychus with Telz. It is therefore very frustrating, to say the least, that most of the fuel adding material to this unfortunate machlokes is coming from hired help (non mishpacha), or even non Telzers!

In addition, I might add, that RZG is having his silence (from all of these false accusations), being repaid by the extreme growing popularity of this blog who are being presented with the true facts.

The only question remains if there is indeed anything to be gained by all of this. Since there is no regard for Bais Din (and all that a secular court will do is tell them to go back to BD...), then why would they care what hunreds of people are writing/reading on a blog? To myself, it is reminiscent of the Israeli/Arab conflict where one side only wants the total destruction of the other...

In any case, maybe some of us with real power, money, seichel or mazel, will finally put an end to this bitter and childish machlokes for the sake of Torah and our past Rabbonim.

Thank you!

November 25, 2008 9:37 PM

Mialbag Limud Zechus Requests

What about finding a limud zechus for Moshe R(asha) Barkin, arch enemy of Rabbi Zalman Gifter?

This new hanhalah with his guidence and support treated his brother HoRav Dovid Barkins ZT"L's family with total contempt and disregard for their feelings and emotions . . . immediately after his petirah!

They sent two members of the hanhalah to his Rebitzin's house to demand that she sign a paper giving away all & any of her zechusim, that she is entitled to as a yerusha/inheritence from her husband and/or as a Daughter of the founder of Telz Yeshiva, Cleveland (not Telz, Lita, Rabbi D. Goldberg that you keep claiming ad nauseum that you are THE rightful yoresh to. Celevland is NOT the GRA"Y's Yehsiva but it's the one that was opened by) Horav Reb E.M. Bloch's Z"L .

The rebitzin was told by these gangsters that if she did not sign the paper then Telz Yeshiva would fall apart and that she would bear the responsibility.

M. Rasha Barkin, went against a pesack beis din and against his own rov, Horav Yisroel Grumer, Yoshev Rosh of the beis din of Cleveland. And for whom, for these lowlife people?!

M. Rasha Barkin, is such a manipulating coward that he had his wife, not himself, call Horav Grumer and tell him that he could not be maspid his own brother in the yeshiva!

Such a Tzadik! He lied to his own Rov! He told him he could not be maspid because no outsiders were going to maspid, when in truth the real reason was because he and his cronies - "The Hanhala" proclaimed HoRav Grummer an enemy of the Yeshiva, because he ruled in Beis Din in favor of Rabbi Zalman Gifter!

Why do I use such strong words as Rasha? Because he clearly is a manipulating, two faced, stab you in the back - RASHA!

He has no respect or decency for his own family, let alone for the Rosh Hayeshiva Horav Mordecai Gifter's almono and family.


And while you are at it please try to find some LIMUD ZECHUS for Yonah Scheinbaum, who literally made millions of dollars, over the years from Camp Kol Torah that somehow he stole away from Telshe Yeshiva.

The Gifter family wrongfully allowed him to pay only a mere pittance for rent, while raking in Millions of tax free dollars over the years. How can he be such an ingrate and orchestrate such a machlokes, filled with sinas chinom, against a family that enabled him to put such wealth in your pocket? IS THERE A LIMUD ZECHUS FOR SUCH A KOFIE TOV?!


From the Mailbag

Somebody please write:

a limud zechus why Rav Ahron Levitansky The Rosh Mechina went to a goieshe court when there was an injunction of the beis din against it

a limud zechus on Rabbi Aharon Epstien that volunteered to go to a goieshe court (of course Telshe Yeshiva compensated him)

a limud zechus on The Fuchs Bet Sefer Mizrachi for allowing Epstein to perpetrate Machlokes and evil behavior while on Mizrachi time and pay

a limud zechus why weeks after the court's ruling, the independent accountants who were hand Picked by The yeshiva's hanhalah (by court order) still do not have all the necessary accounting from Rabbi Levitansky (and Rabbi Epstein) where Levitansky spent the Yeshiva's money? Money that they took without the courts permission.

Until they turn over a cheshbon, where and for what they spent they money, the books cannot be reconciled. Until then the Rabbeim cannot be paid!
Please show where you spent the money so these families can pay their bills!

A limud zechus as why the gossiper says her husband will only give the accountants the papers he thinks they need and is withholding information ordered by the court - in the interest of the Yeshiva!

Perhaps this is another thing we can blame on Rabbi Zelman??

FRUM FROM CHICAGO these issues need immediate attention! Please go to Rav A.C. Levine, who the hanhalah says "they do not do anything without consulting Rabbi AC Levin", and plead with him that this hideous and most disgusting behavior cease immediately so that the yeshivas interest can be put in front of their personal hatred toward Rabbi Zalman!

In response to Mr. Frum from Chicago:

(The following is re-posted from the comments section. Click on the link to see the original letter.

Dear Frum from Chicago:

You have made an assumption that we, the bloggers, are in truth Rabbi Gifter. You based the entire rational for your comments, your assessment of the situation and your advice solely on this one major error on your part!

Hard for us to understand how an intelligent person like yourself could have missed the heading of the blog. The one that says in big type: "The Gifters never had and do not have anything to do with this. We are talmidim of Morainu Harav Gifter zt"l!"
Did you not see that? Or do you just assume we are lying, because somehow you have been enlightened with Ruach HaKodesh to know "the truth" even in the face of the facts?

Is it something the city of Chicago adds to the water supply that endows its residents with "Bnei Navi'im" clairvoyance, so that they always "know the facts" even when the facts actually cry out, loudly, you are making a gross error and wrongly suspecting and accusing? It seems to be a machlah in your city! Because you too seem to have developed a case of chronic "don't confuse me with the facts, 'me-a-gadol', & I have already made up my mind" syndrome! And you claim to not even be a Telzer!

So I ask you now to please understand & respect that the purpose of this blog is to reveal the TRUTH – the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH in face of the bald face lies propagated by Goldberg, Levitansky, Barkin, Scheinbaum & Eisenberg and passed on by hungry gossip mongers like Azoi Pass and Yarokwald.

(NB. Sorry Reb Shlioms - although you are basically a nice guy, who always followed the rules of "live and let live", but here you were nichnas l'bais bursi and unfortunately you know what chazal say about that. ((when you choose to lie down with dogs you end up with fleas)). You should have maintained your standard modus operandi of just learning Torah and staying out of politics. (If you enter into the fire - you have to know you will get burned.)

So Mr. Frum Guy from Chicago please listen very carefully and internalize the following, so that you will better understand the function and purpose of this blog:

To you and all the chachomim u'Bnei Nevi'im b'chol asar v'asar, you who know for sure that the blogger is Reb Zalman himself, or l'chol hapachos under his authorship or direction, and additionally that ALL the comments are (either him or) written by the blogger themselves.

L'hevi yadua we are not RZG, nor do we glean any information from him whatsoever! We don't need to. Whatever we write about is already out there in the open!

1) Whereas Reb Zalmen went to Telshe High School – some of us, in addition to our post high school Yeshiva education at Telshe, also B"H got a good high school secular education. Now with the greatest humility (ok, so maybe NOT the GREATEST?;) we don't believe that Reb Zalman could compose as we do. Do you? Now shouldn't that alone be enough proof for any bar da'as? Additionally, use your sechel please, Reb Zalman is NOT computer savvy and could not possibly know how to run a blog – let alone keep you from finding our identity (a task which we know the "hanhala" has been futilely persuing for months, expending untold manpower and funds on such foolish attempts!). RZG also does not even have access to a computer!

And as to RZG orchestrating what we write. . . .

2) Do you really think he would himself write, or allow us to, concerning his father zt"l in the manner in which we did?

Oh and PLEASE don't make the same immature, absurd projection that the negious blinded fallacious 5 did when Reb Shalom Shapiro admonished them to ask Reb Zalman mechila for falsely accusing him of messira (after the real moiser admitted to Reb Shalom that it was he who was the moiser) and they asininely protested and projected "We still believe it was Zalman and he just got this other person to lie so as to take the blame off of himself.

WHAT A BUNCH OF (NEGIOUS-AFFLICTED) BLIND IDIOTS! So skip the double-reverse-backward flip pop psychology babble of "yeah, takeh – he davka wrote that to try to fool us!" That is just simply inane and narish!

3) Or do you really think RZG would write about himself "RZG is too tough and aggressive" and the Yeshiva may have flourished "in spite of him"?!

4) The comments are written by Public Posters - like yourself - who choose to remain anonymous. We approve or "moderate" them. We do not write comments nor do we author them! We are a group of Talmidim who author the main Blog posts while only a select few who actually write them.

Just as an fyi, did you ever consider that since some of us too live in Cleveland we easily get most of our facts from listening to what those pompous, narcissistic, negious blinded, ba'alei Geiah, gasconade, to anyone who will listen to them brag about their grandiose achievements in the machlokes industry and their industrious chochmos in outsmarting Reb Zalman!

So now that we have cleared up the facts lets get on to your letter. We will quote you and respond.

Excerpts from the original letter from Frum Chicago (If that is realy where he is from!) Guy are printed below in black italics.

Dear blogger,

Let me start by saying I'm sorry for what you are going through. You have expressed your feelings well in your response to my post. I can't even fathom the hurt you are going through watching your fathers yeshiva be mishandled and abused. However, I must clarify a few things as well about why I wrote what I did.

Your premise is false and therefore a nonstarter. We are not Rabbi Gifter – but we will pass on your sincere(?) expressions of sympathy to him.

[Non-relevant personal aggrandizing history deleted]

If you are trying to win back your fathers Yeshiva and recreate it into the Makom torah it once was, this is not the way to go about that. You are only destroying whatever credibility Telshe ever had by knocking down the current rabeim and making the ones who want it back look like a bunch of crazy zealots on a witch hunt.

Again your false assumptions lead you to anemic advice.

As to Telshe's credibility . . . it is not we who are destroying "the rabbeim's credibility" they are doing that all on their own by ignoring a psak beis din of gedolay hador! A bais din that these very same Telshe rabbeim convened against Reb Zalman - and lost their din Torah!

They are the ones who went to gentile court instead of bringing any supposed "new" development or circumstances back to the their own Beis Din that issued the Pask in the first place! If they claim a clarification is needed, based on a new agreement Reb Zalman signed - then shouldn't they go back to the beis din to seek truth and da'as Torah? It obvious that since the bais din ruled against them - they came up with a "new" twist and ran off to court! Imagine if these guys were mere ba'lei batim. What do you think the olam haTorah or the "Frum from Whatever City" would say about such shinanigins?!

Our purpose here is only to let the world know the truthto counter the slander sheets that the "Hanhala" sent to thousands of households besmirching Rabbi Gifter with false accusation and downright straight-out lies – and to let the world know the truth!

Now, you profess that defending someone who is being maliciously maligned, crucified, and forced out of his rightful position as "acting like a crazy zealot on a which hunt" obviously we see it differently. We are by no means destroying Telshe's credibility - they clearly don't need our help. Protecting the integrity of the innocent by quashing forced take over by a rebellious few powerful self serving kavod seekers, even publicly, is not "acting carzy"! Neither was Kalev when he presented the truth to klal Yisroel PUBLICLY debunking the lies of the fallacious ten - who also also projected the image of being pious FRUM individuals!

[personal attack against Rabbi Gifter deleted]

What I don't understand, and maybe this is the real issue, is if a Psak was passed down by the beis din and it is not being followed aren't there halachos on how to handle a situation when someone doesn't follow that psak?

Yes there are. But they are hanhagos - not really teeth endowed measures. What would you suggest – that the Bais din write another letter of clarification that the psak din they issued in favor of Reb Zalman stands – even under their falsely proclaimed "new" circumstances of RZG signing a letter of relinquishing of his rights? You are absolutely right! And that is exactly what was done! The bais din issued a new psak saying that nothing has changed and no rights were relinquished by Reb Zalman! ASK US AND WE WILL POST IT FOR ALL TO SEE! Would you suggest the bais din put the chamsanim hanhala in cherem and assur Telshe Yeshiva from giving them aliyos? Ha ha! Please! You profess to be an intelligent person!

Shouldn't you be involving the three big rabbonim that gave the Psak in this situation? Isn't it their job as leaders to do whatever is necessary to insure the rulling is followed? Where are they in this situation? Why aren't they putting these "trouble makers" in chareim or speaking out against them?


They [the bais din] are the Das Torah figures and shouldn't you be following their lead?

YES, actually Reb Zalman does EXACTLY what the members of the Bais Din tell him to do! He for the most part remains quiet and does not confront them (except to defend the interests of the Yeshiva, like calling & denying to the bank that he authorized the falacious 5 to remove his signature from the Yeshiva's accounts!??

He is waiting for them to agree to a Bais Din to go back to – since THEY OBVIOUSLY DO NOT WANT TO RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL BEIS DIN - where they should be going!! GEE I WONDER WHY NOT??!!


We are pretty sure they do not. But WE didn't ask! If you have a tayna? Have it on US not Reb Zalman! We however believe that we are merely defensively responding to malicious slander etc as we stated above!

[Personal aggrandizement deleted]

Which brings me to my final point. If this is the way the Yeshiva world acts towards one another, then why would I want to be a part of it? The Chillul Hashem is not only being made to the outside world, but an even greater one is being created towards fellow Jews.

Yes, you are right - it is a terrible chillul Hashem! But tell us "Frum Chicago Guy", have you also contacted Rabbi's Levitansky, Goldberg, Eisenberger, Pass and friends? How about Barkin and Scheinbaum? Or is your professed sincerity only one sided and a false projection?

[Personal attack again deleted]

(Frum From Chicago) 2:53 PM

PS. If you are really sincere and want to do something positive – try posing some of the questions from our blog to your friends in Wickliffe! Please ask them how they do the things they do, say the things they say and act the way they act?!

We are always open to your and others input, provided they are clean, decent, non malicious and most importantly factual! We have yet to see ANY comments from anyone (and we do post them all, unless they are indecent etc) that refute ANY of the things we wrote as being the honest true facts! Maybe we are too sharp - and so in order to attract attention - but whatever we post is 100% the EMES!

(Originally posted November 18, 2008 9:58 PM)

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Anonymous said...


November 18, 2008 10:36 PM

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Anonymous said...

Chicago frummer ,
oh yes very frum . Epstein from Bet Sefer Mizrachi did not spend the day in court today . Epstein had time to coach you how to be a sneak .any body that reads your post can see that you are just one those anti Zalmen people . How do you have the chutzpah to write and address Rabbi Zalmen Gifter as the blogger as if you are sure he is the blogger ? Where did you get you hot tip from ? the gossiping Mrs. Epstein ?

Did Epstien and chevra teach you how to be arrogant, haughty, deceiving ball geivah..

Keep posting your concerns that you are worried about chillul hashem . You have every right to worry as you are making the chillul hashem ... pick on Zalmen , lie about him, write and talk lashen horah about him, cheat him, steal his position in the Yeshiva , do everything possible to ruin him and his family , bring as much tzarr/ suffering as you can on the rebbitzin and of course you are doing this leshem Shomaiyim one thing you are guaranteed hashem watches over the downtrodden and you can not ignore hashem as you do a bes din .Hashem has his ways of dealing with people that so blatantly ignore his torah laws

November 18, 2008 10:44 PM

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Anonymous said...

To Frum From Chicago,

If you are frum why are you assuming and accusing ??? Why are you writing as if you know positive that Rabbi Gifter is the Bloggger are you a navi or ben navi ?? Is being a ben Navi a Chicago thing ??We know one ben navi in Chicago the Rosh hayeshiva , writer , and editor of the mictav hasheker .

If you are sincere , why not call or write Rabbi Gifter privately?
Why are you expressing your naive and sincere comments on this public forum that you say is a chillul hashem

You know very well that the hanhala with the support of the Chicago Rosh Hayeshiva are in violation of a pesack beis din and injunctions from bes din .. Why don't you go visit the Chicago yeshiva and ask the Rosh Hayeshiva why they are not abiding by a ruling of the beis din ? and while there observe that it is strictly a family business

your final point about how the yeshiva world acts toward each other are acting the same way with your tone, accusations, and assumptions you make on this blog

November 19, 2008 5:20 AM