Sunday, August 22, 2010

A close friend of Rav Yankel Horowitz says

As you all saw this past week in the yated that my good friend rav yankel was visiting telz Cleveland (some said it was to tell the new hanhala the proper way telzers daven on rosh hashanah) but after speaking with him he said the following.

I really had no interest in going to telz or being involved in any which way with what is going on but Rabbi Levin from Chicago begged of me to come to show the world... (I don't know what but they paid my ticket) he promised me that I would be able to speak from the aron kodesh something that every telzer wishes they could do because only special people get to speak from in front of the aron kodesh everyone else speaks from one of the side or back rooms. When I was in Cleveland I was invited to make the 45 minute trip to visit Rav Chaim Stein who should have a refuah shlaima. As some of you may have heard Rav Chaim has been getting better and was responding to people. I had my hopes high that he would say or respond to me. When I walked into the room I realized what I heard was far from the truth (like as far as the new hanhala has the right to run the yeshiva). I saw in front of me a man who R"L is called a vegetable he has a trek in his throat and is hooked up to a respirator. I can't understand how the family is able to go around and say he is responding..


Signing off a close friend of Rav Horowitz who can't understand how people changed so much from when their rabbim were alive and well or maybe they had it inside of them all this time