Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kavod HaTorah

With great gratitude we would like to thank Rabbi Yosef Davis for undertaking the monumental task of Co-Chairman of Telshe Yeshiva

It’s truly unbelievable to see how much time and effort he has given to the yeshiva in this very short period

One of his great accomplishments is the time he has taken from his extremely busy schedule to talk and explain to the Hanhallah about the different strategies of fundraising and already we have seen the fruits of his labor.

Maran Harav Shlomo Eisenberger Shlita has been moser nefesh by going to Florida this past week to collect desperately needed funds and rumors have it that it was thanks to Rabbi Yosef Davis that he was extremely successful.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Yosef Davis we wish the yeshiva much hatzlacha and it should continue to grow as Maran Harav Chaim Stein ztl said "back to the way it was".

Friday, July 5, 2013

Executive Vice President at Telshe Rabbinical College?????

Zvi Belsky

Executive Vice President at Telshe Rabbinical College

Can someone please explain why this person still has this title?

Let me explain my question,
Rabbi Chaim Stein z"l has a daughter that married Rabbi Menachem Levin who is the 11th grade rebbe in the high school

Zvi Belsky came to Telshe to learn and married the levin's daughter they purchased a house had a child... everything was great

We all know about the din torah...
the Stein family got that Rabbi Steins Grandson in-law will be the Executive Vice President of the yeshiva and everything was great


Someone was caught using the internet for things that he should not be viewing..... and his wife and her family where not happy

this led to therapy.... and now its a divorce

so its all very simple
How is it possible that this person can still have the title?
Is this who we want to be running the yeshiva?
yes the world we live in is crazy but we have a Torah
every state is legalizing the things the Torah says is wrong do we let this go into the yeshivas also?
is this what Rabbi Chaim Stein meant when he said the yeshiva will return to its glory?
(or maybe all the story's they say about how many telzers can fit on a bed is true)