Monday, March 22, 2010

From the mailbag:

Talmid Of Rav Gifter ZT"L said...

I heard that the dayan B"H made those ganovim start paying the rebitzin of Harav Hagoan Rav Gifter ZT"L the one that if not for him the yeshiva would have closed down after Harav Hagoan Rav Sorotzkin ZT"L was niftar. She lost her pay check because of her husbands great student the one and only Avrohom Ausband who for some reason has forgotten who got him where he is today. It was Avrohom Ausbands students who has caused much grief to his rebbes wife for when they came they throw eggs at her house and car and damaged her house.

If anyone can please respond if they know if they are listening to the dayonim or if this is one big joke all over again

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