Thursday, February 17, 2011

Telshe Yeshiva's 69th Annual Scholarship Dinner

As some of you have received in an email from David Greenwald “Boruch Hashem, the Telshe Yeshiva's 69th Annual Scholarship Dinner was a huge success.  In fact, this year was the most successful dinner in Telshe history!” “The evening was graced with the presence of Avrohom Chaim Levin, of Telshe Chicago and with the guest speaker, Avrohom Ausband, of Yeshiva of Telshe Alumni Riverdale.”
             I would like to explain to the readers a little different view, a view from someone who was at the dinner and it was far from how the people of Telshe would like you to believe.
             Let me first ask you how a dinner can be successful, if before the guest speaker gets up to speak a huge part of the crowd leaves?
             As for what this guest speaker said:
 All of us Telzers know that Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Bloch zt”l together with Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Katz zt”l (Reb Mottel) started Telshe Yeshiva Cleveland from scratch. So how can someone even think of saying that Telz Cleveland belongs to the Ausbands because their great grandfather was the one who started telz in Lithuania? I am very sorry to say the holocaust did happen and Telz Lita was all destroyed. But let us not get off track; please take a minute to understand what this so called guest speaker was trying to say.
As all of you have heard there are big problems in Cleveland. Until now you had 2 sides, 1 side was Gifter that his father Rabbi Mordechai Gifter zt”l gave over the yeshiva to his son, the other side was the Steins being supported by Levin, Keller, Glustein, Howowitz, Levitansky, Eisenberger, Goldberg and behind the scenes was Ausband who up until recently was unknown to the public that he was involved (we will get back to this in a moment) they all said that Gifter has no clue how to run a yeshiva we can do a much better job so goodbye Gifter we are running the place! I am not here to explain the back and forth between the 2 sides, that we will leave for the bais din. But let me ask you a question did any of you ever hear of such a thing that if you don’t like the way the owner of a company is running his company you can tell him to leave! As far as I know the employee quits his job and opens his own company if he is unhappy? But then the Ribono Shel Olam throws in a fork into this mess and the Stein’s can’t run the yeshiva anymore and the true colors start coming out, this is not a fight against Gifter for the Stein’s, each and every person who is fighting is fighting his own battle just the common enemy at this point is: "they all have to get rid of Gifter!" As you now understand that Ausband and Goldberg were never interested in the Steins they think that the yeshiva belongs to them just they themselves can’t get rid of Gifter so they team up with the others.
Now let’s understand why Ausband until now has been very quiet to the outside world. I say outside world because Rabbi Dovid Feinstein Shlita said that before he came out with his pesak regarding Telz, Ausband didn’t stop bothering the bais din that they should not put out a pesak for Gifter's. Let’s go back in time a little bit and explain the Ausband Gifter relationship. Those of you who remember and listened to the levaya of Rabbi Mordechai Gifter zt”l which was held in Darchei Torah might remember that when Ausband got up to speak he keep saying “i have to ask Mechilah” WHY? What did he do that such a so called “close talmid” would keep saying by his rebbe’s levaya that “i have to ask mechila” but never end up asking it? To answer this we have to explain how Telshe Alumni Yeshiva came about.
Telshe Alumni started out first in Westfield NJ, when Rabbi Mordechai Gifter zt”l sent his son in-law and talmid to open a yeshiva but due to vicious anti-Semitism, the yeshiva had to move it was then that their Rebbe said “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE ARE YOU TO MOVE TO RIVERDALE” and when Ausband came and said they can’t find anywhere to go Rav Gifter said “rent a place upstate and everything will work out "BUT DON’T GO TO RIVERDALE”.  As history has it the yeshiva went to Riverdale and Rav Gifter’s son in-law left the yeshiva. This is the so called close talmid of Rav Gifter zt”l. 
So my friends I ask you is this the type of people we want educating the leaders of the next generation? Do we want our children to learn not to listen to their rebbe?


  1. Why not Riverdale?

  2. what was wrong with riverdale?

  3. alte riverdale talmidFebruary 25, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    Riverdale turned out to be pretty succesful

  4. Missing parts...Rabbi Yosef Chaim Libersohn a close talmid of Rabbi Gifter ZTL came from Argentina as well, also the place was Westwood NJ

  5. 1.I dont know where you get your info from , but Rav Gifter never said not riverdale , i dont know who made up this fabrication , but i have very intimate knowledge of all the disputes and this that your adding is just a fabrication of your or someone else mind.

    the issues about the split between rav ausband and his rebbe rav gifter was that rav gifter got some of his east coast balei batim to help start riverdale , and it was supposed to be a feed - in high school for telshe . at the begining of the 80s teshe was declining and it was opened so that bochrim could go to rav ausband for high school and then to cleveland .

    for a multitude of reasons it didnt happen that way, aside for the fact that the bochrim themselves didnt want to go.

    while rav gifter was mochel rav ausband fully , he had agmas nefesh about the decline of telshe , and even though the decline of telshe was inevitable , rav ausband accept partial responsibility for the agmas nefesh.

    2. your comments about rav ausband just show bitterness. do you think he needs telz cleveland? all thats left of it is a few building and a big fight. rav ausband on the other hand has the most 250 bochrim and his building are worth a lot more than clelands building ( total value of the campus today is in the 17 million range ) . he is also the most suceesful by far one man show in north america. he has a full yeshiva of 250 buchrim running on an establish mehalich for 30 years and . there is no one else in all of america that has a full yeshiva high school and beis medresh anything close to that. on top of that he has 100s of talmidim that are as loyal to him and any chossid is to a chasidishe rebbe, not even fav alya ber or rav shlomo feival come close to what he has in riverdale. he is the most sucessful rosh hayeshiva in the regard by far. he built himself up , single handedly from scratch .
    so what does he need telshe for?

    he is against gifter for one simple reason . telshe is where he was born and learned and gifter is killing it for only selfish reasons. he is ruining the legacy of telshe , something that uasband is very proud of. he may be a little bias in wanting his brother in law goldberg to give the top shuir, but that is not main objective .

    but one thing is certain . AUSBAND is the last person that needs telshe cleveland,