Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rabbi Shlomo Eisenberger to move to Lakewood NJ

It’s with great sadness that wish Harav Shlomo Eisenberger a safe trip to Lakewood NJ this coming Pasach.

Rabbi Eisenberger is quoted as saying the following
"Due to the lack of leadership in the Yeshiva regarding the affairs of Tzvi Belsky, I have decided that I cannot stay is such an institution". He went on to say "Even Norman Lam resigned from YU and I should stay here and be part of this great dishonor to G-D"! 
The great Rosh Yeshivas of past generations fought against this very thing and this person should be running the yeshiva?

He has since called upon Rabbi Yosef Davis to resign as well, stating someone that has a relationship with your ex son in-law does not belong representing you.

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