Sunday, April 18, 2010

R' Chaim Stein opens new kollel or better said is trying...

A little history is called for. For all those that read the past posts would notice we have spoken about telz round 3 ww3. Lets go back and tell you about round 1 and how its coming out again in 2010.

For all those of you that know a little of telz history what you will read today will not be a surprise.

What some of you do not know is that r' chaim stein who is not related at all to the telz family tried very hard when he was in telz to marry into the telz family (told over from Reb. Sorutzkin to one of her grandchildren) it has been since than that r' chaim stein has been trying to take over the yeshiva.

Its been over 30 years since the famous shmus that rav gifter gave a month and half after rav b sorutzkin was niftar. Rav gifter came back from e"y to set things up in Cleveland so he can go back to e"y to telz stone. In the shmues he says that he asked people what changes to make in the yeshiva and they all gave him different ideas but he is not listening to them and gives the younger generation to start giving the shurim. He goes on further to say that since he can't run the yeshiva from e"y on a daily basis as rosh hayeshiva he puts r' chaim stein in charge but stresses that he has to work with the rest of the hanhala and he has no right to work by himself.

A few months later after letters came from Cleveland to rav gifter in telz stone stating that r' chaim stein and r' aizik ausband are fighting to run the yeshiva and the kollel is leaving rav gifter went to speak to Rav Sach and Rav Kanievsky about what to do.

They both told him he must close the yeshiva in telz stone and go back to Cleveland to save the yeshiva from destruction. It was after rav gifter came back that numerous telz alumni from that time said over that rav gifter ran the yeshiva single handily and had to put up with r' chaim stein doing lots of things that...

Today we find out that history is repeating itself, r' chaim stein is trying once again to take over the yeshiva from the gifters. But the surprises are not short of coming information keeps coming in about a new kollel that r' chaim stein is opening this coming elul. But not everything goes so smooth with this new hanhala although they all have the same goal of getting ride of gifter each one of them is fight their own fight to run the yeshiva. r' goldberg told r' chaim stein that the hanhala has to decide who comes to the kollel but r' chaim stein said his grandchildren will decide who will come...

And the fighting in the hanhala continues and the lock on the cage has cracked and is about to burst

Stay tuned for more details about this new kollel and the fighting in the new hanhala

(If anyone knows any info about who is coming to this kollel please email

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  1. wow this fight has been going on that long?

    i heard that after purim one year reb chaim put on his purim yalmuka , after shachris rav gifter went over to him and told him "today is not purim take it off" so he waited till after rav gifter was niftar to start putting it on all year

    i guess rav gifter left his son the job to finish what he started