Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Dovid Goldberg losing control?

It has come to our attention that Mosdos Ohr HaTorah one of the day schools in Cleveland have fired a long standing rebbe and talmid of Telshe Yeshiva? After doing some digging we have uncovered from sources by the meeting that the OK to fire the rebbe was given by Dovid Goldberg who has the final say in the entire goings on in the school!

We have a few questions that maybe someone can answer:

  1. Aren't you busy enough with the goings on in Telshe and Yavne Semenary (the school that fell apart after they sent Rabbi Nustat away because he got to power full and for some reason Mrs. Ausband gave over to Goldberg instead of her son) to be busy with the day school?
  2. Don't you think that this rebbe at least deserves some sort of job (like a resource room rebbe) instead of just leaving him no way to put bread on the table?
  3. Instead of demoting him you fire him! How's he supposed to get a job in a different school?
  4. Just one final question: who did you learn to be so cruel from?
    • When you learnt in Telz Chicago (For sure not from Rav Shmezcher!)
    • Maybe from your brother in-law in Riverdale?
    • Or maybe from the telzer in Montreal?
    • Or maybe from the telzers you associate yourself with on the telshe campus?
    • Or all of the above?

Wishing all are readers a good summer, and daven that all of klal yisroel should have food to put on the table.


  1. Today when a rebbe gets fires there maybe other MAJOR issues which one does not want to publisize!

  2. Let me explain the facts to you I feel for the rebbi in question. Why you ask? I will tell you. I am in the same
    situation. We moved to Chicago after being let go from a school where I taught for 8 years. (no valid reason
    given) 1 year after I moved the school that hired me let me go.
    As someone who was in chinuch I can tell you that this goes on more often than you think.The life of the
    Rebbi is a lonely one.
    Perhaps when Moshiach comes this will be a priority -re-establishing the respect due someone for doing Hashem's work.
    Meanwhile engaging in loshon-horah and spreading information like this does not help. Feel free to respond.
    One last thing -I hope Hashem is listening to you and your beracha comes true.

  3. I would like to explain your audience that Dovid Goldberg- ask any one that knows him is not cruel just very very dumb and he was zoicha to a azer that is avremel ymsh sister -i might as well add that Truth be known that rabbi a c Levine is not with Keller on the machlikis and has recently been heard on many times telling dr Keller to stop fighting a beis din and that he should find some thing else to keep him self busy with(which seems to be kellers real problem-as heard from his new wife ) .( I heard this from one of rabbi Levine grand sons in laws )

    I will add that goldbergs children have also asked for public assistance to help get their father away from these reshoim !!!! Ym"sh (one of his michutunim relayed the above to me )
    I will end that I can't elaborate but please be mispaalel for avremels wife who is trying to be oin ben pelis wife and to get her wicked husband out of this .

  4. This 'shtikel'was posted Monday, April 5, 2010.
    According to my 'luach', it was yom tov from Sunday April 4,2010 about 7-8 PM until Wed. April 6, 2010 about 8:15-9:15 PM.
    So I guess some Telzsha "Lo Tzaiyis...to Halachah" guy posted this. The question is just from which side of the fence is he?

  5. To Telz Lamden:
    You really are a telz lamden and going in the way of telz you didn’t finish thinking about it. For as you are right it was yom tov from Sunday till Wednesday that was only in America but maybe the person who is posting is in E”Y and yom tov is only till Monday night and as you can see it was posted at 10:00pm

  6. first of all the rebbi got his job back
    2nd of all it was rabbi gelleys idea gelley is a idiot we want r berkowitz back!!!!!!!

  7. That narrows the search down to Israel!!!

  8. B"H due to lots of pressure and the help of this blog (i cant go into details but i know from inside that it was mainly because of this blog) the rebbe was called into the office a few days after being told to find a new job that he will have his job back

    great work who ever you are keep it up and the fight in telz will stop

  9. TBI great thinking! good luck find the telzer in Israel

  10. to Anonymous @ 11:13 hes not coming back he got himself a great job in passic that have a lot better people living there than in cleveland good luck mosdos it seems you have a great school years ahead of you