Saturday, May 8, 2010

What is your connection to telz?

After months of research we have finally discovered the truth about what is going on in Telz.

We would like to ask forgiveness from the current hanhala for blaming them why there are only 11 bodies in the bais medrash this zman.

We have finally figured out they are not at fault.

We have taken the time to contact hundreds of telz alumni (Thanks R' Zev Poss for letting us get the list) to find out what they liked about telz and what do they feel they are missing out from today?

Would you believe that 98% said the same thing!

The main response was, they feel that the only connection to telz is "Perleys Chulent" and since today perley is retired and is not making the chulent they have no connection to telz and don't talk about sending children to telz.

And for your information the remaining 2% response was, the Liver shabbos day and the famous "telz Sandwiches" by the shabbos day seudah

So as you see it has nothing to do with who is running telz it has to do with who is making the food

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