Friday, May 28, 2010

From the Mail Box

Dear members of Klal Yisroel and Telz Hanhala,

We are in the mists of a crisis! The Rosh Yeshiva Rav Chaim Stein is critically ill! For all those who don't know what is happening I will explain on Shabbos May 8th, Rav Chaim fell off his bed being that he is in his 90s he was taken to his doctor to make sure everything was ok. The doctor did a full check up and could not find anything wrong. On Tuesday May 11th Rav Chaim went unconscious, he was rushed to the hospital next to his home and went under numerous test to figure out why. As the hours passed they performed a cat-scan and discovered bleeding in the brain. He was then rushed to down town Cleveland to have emergency surgery performed which took place 12 hours later due to complications with his medications. As of this letter Rav Chaim has not woken up since Tuesday May 11th.

Having said the above can someone please explain why in the world would a yeshiva give an "off shabbos" if their Rosh Yeshiva is laying deathly ill in the hospital? I understand that the new telz hanhala has already appointed a new rosh yeshiva in his stead but a little mesiras nefesh would be in proper place to push off the "off shabbos" as a zechus for Rav Chaim its been only 2 weeks!

A Talmid


  1. Many forms of punishment are visited on ALL involved in a machlochus. Perhaps when all involved assume personal responsibility and stop questioning the actions of others, a refuah for the klal will be sent.

  2. why, if the yeshiva has no money, is the yeshiva paying for four members of the hanhala to go to lakewood for an atzeres for Rav Chaim?
    Couldn't an atzeres be done in cleveland?

  3. levitansky is pushing his worthless wife in as principal at mosdos ohr hatorah in cleveland.
    please send this info to as many people as possible in cleveland. it's an emergency.

  4. Now that Rav Yitzchak Notis move to Lakewood,when is Rav Sholom Shapiro moving?Why don't they just close up shop? Let BMG come and open a yeshiva in Cleveland and show the Telzer how to run a yeshiva.There are more Telzer in Lakewood then in Telz.Maybe people will move to Cleveland if the Telzer keep on moving to Lakewood.I'm sure when Rav Makiel Kotler was in Telz a couple weeks ago he was so impress with the famous Telzer Yeshiva when they brought the so call Mechinah to help the 11 bochurim in that big bais medrash that can fit over 500 and more talmidim to say his shumuz after davening.All former Talmidim would like to thank the Hanhala's of the Yeshiva and Board Member's for ruining the yeshiva with leadership of gavah.Will the last one who leave's the building turn out the lights!