Thursday, June 24, 2010

From The Mail Box

Now that more and more telzers are leaving telz does anyone know when Sholom Shapiro and Dovid Goldberg is leaving? Why don't they just close up shop? Let BMG come and open a yeshiva in Cleveland and show the Telzer how to run a yeshiva. There are more Telzers in Lakewood then in Telz.

Chas Vesholom should we say this but as more telzers move to Lakewood the Lakewooders will move to Cleveland to get away from them. I'm sure when Rav Makiel Kotler was in Telz a couple weeks ago he was so impress with the famous Telzer Yeshiva when they brought the so call Mechinah to help the 11 bochurim that are left in that big bais medrash so he can say his shumuz after davening. All former Talmidim would like to thank the Hanhala's of the Yeshiva and Board Member's for ruining the yeshiva with leadership of gavah. Will the last one who leave's the building turn out the lights!

Oh and by the way breaking news Yossi Sova who was a so called 9th grade rebbe is moving to Monsey! We would like to wish him much success in all of his endeavors and we pray that he will not act with his new bosses the way he acted with his old one.


  1. Now that Zev Poss is moving to Detroit, Who is next to leave this wonderful yeshiva?

  2. Dear Hanhala,Board Member's,Rabbi Levin,and Rabbi Keller.We the former Talmidim of the yeshivah are asking your group to resign from the yeshivah and stop embarrassing this makon torah.This yeshiva belong to us just as much as it belong's to you.This yeshiva has been destroy.Since you excommunicate Reb Zalman Gifter and his family, What did you accomplished? The yeshiva is not doing well WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO SEND A SON TO LEARN IN SUCH A YESHIVA? WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO DONATE MONEY TO SUCH A YESHIVA.You Have failed in everyway,except for keeping the machlokeas going as of sinas chinun ,rechilas and loshan hararah ALIVE. SO PLEASE RESIGN AND LET THIS MAKON TORAH BECOME THE YESHIVA HAGEDOLAH V'HAKEDOSHAW TELZ

  3. whats your heter for lashon hara?what will you tell god when you die?if youknow the heter please comment......

  4. rischan deoraysa is a word in the gemora 4 fighting pshat in the gemora its not a heter for a bunch of bored people to sit around all day and say lashon hara.maybe u guys should start beliving in god

  5. Telz Wickliffe today (after the summer) looks like Telz Litah today

  6. God, would you give it a rest already? There is not now, nor has there ever been, a wonderfully great yeshiva in Telz. A yeshiva that is built on the great tenet of kavod and shtellers for its roshei yeshiva and their families will never produce anything worthwhile. Since 1950, everything that happened in Telz and out of Telz to people from those families, was directly decided by who thought whom would usurp whose rightful kavod. Every Rav, rosh kollel or butcher or used car salesman whose name (or whose wife's maiden name) is Ausband or Katz or Bloch or Sorotzkin ended up where they are because some previous "Rosh Yeshiva" was carving out positions for his einiklach, who were then only in mesifta (and were also barely four years old). How happy are they now, Yankel and Yosef Zalman and Avremel and Elya, and even most recently Yitzchok Sorotzkin, that they got the hell out?

    Sorry, I got distracted. The point I was trying to make was that anyone with half a brain could see that a Yeshiva that is so consumed with self respect was diseased and destined to collapse. I'm just a yungerman; I was there for a few years in the 90's. But one after another, choshuveh alumni have told me that A. They succeeded in spite of, not because of, the Yeshiva, and B. they could see where it was headed when they were learning there. Not only people who were there in the eighties. As far back as the seventies and sixties (and probably even in Litte), apparently, the roshei yeshiva INCLUDING THOSE WHOM EVERYBODY CLAIMS TO RESPECT NOW THAT THEY'RE DEAD were desperately paranoid from the young punks, the children of their co-roshei yeshiva, who sat around smoking at nine years old, muttering to themselves, "mosai yamusu zekeinim halalu". The bachurim saw this - even the ones who were just there to avoid the draft. The Yungeleit saw it. The lower hanhala who had the privilege not to be related saw it. I bet Eugene saw it. Nobody said anything out loud, because this Rosh yeshiva gave a good shiur, that one was on the moetzes, another was sick... So they kept quiet. But the only people who didn't see how rotten Telz has always been were the people who were so desperate for kavod that they became blind to their own childishness.

    And now everyone else is gone. The babies are still there, fighting over a beis hakvaros. The world is laughing out loud at you, fools, the way they laughed at your parents and grandparents. Except now, they laugh out loud, because none of the current crop of buffoons can even say a shiur or give a decent speech or get R' Shach on the phone. Everyone knows how each year or so, you make the rounds of reasonably sane alumni, trying to convince one of them to come back and "rebuild". Everyone knows, except for the litigants, that this din torah will accomplish nothing more than the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that.

    I had some good times while I was there. I'd be lying if I ignored the ties that I still have, at least to the gym, and the roof of the dormitory. But now, what's left for me and my fellow alumni is to bet on when the place will be sold to build condominiums. And how the money will be divided up.

    I don't think for a minute that you have the balls to let this comment up. I don't even think you'll understand it, since by my logic, if you care about this fight, you must be family, and hence, you must be so desperate for a shteller or a claim that it will go right over your head. But if you want to challenge my opinions, or if you do indeed post it and your intelligent readership has anything to comment on what I've written, you or they can contact me at mocktelz at


  7. elshe politics are complicated but blogs full of lashon hara is not the answer.My opinion is that due to the lack of leadership there is alot of corruption and no one to clarify whether a rumor is true or not.Solutions to help telz are welcome.Thank you for reading

  8. As a former Telzer who wishes to stay anonymous, I wish to mention that I have heard about the dire straits the yeshiva has been experiencing; I feel terrible about the whole situation even though my experience there was not what you can called fruitful. I understand people's frustrations, but I believe that it may be better to look what still good about the yeshiva than the many things which are bad. I know that it's very limited, but it's disgrace to the Rosh Hayeshiva R'Chaim Shlita and all the former Rosh Hayeshiva ZATAL. Maybe form the complaint against the board rather than Hanhala