Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arkois Update II

This past Thursday the court decided on a compromise

1. That the FALLACIOUS FIVE can't sign anymore. (We would like to thank Rabbi Mattitya and Weiss two Jewish and hope honest CPA's for giving of their time to the yeshiva so that they can be the ones to decide what bills should get paid)

2. They have a few more days to make up the accounting of how they spent the $130,000 + money that they took from the accounts and all money that they diverted to the account with the Telz Chicago EIN number after the dinner

3. They have to be in a Beis Din within 90 days
Let see if they can get an honest bais din within the next 87 days. Can someone please explain what is frightening them from having a zabla bais din (zabla bais din is when each side picks a judge and the two of them pick the third) or for that matter any bais din that is not associated to them?

4. Mrs. Gifter's computer (the one that levitansky hired two thugs to break into her office for) has to stay in the yeshiva (we would like to thank the Fallacious Five for having to spend more of the yeshivas money on a security system for the main financial office to monitor who comes and goes in the office)

5. Rabbi Gifter had to promise that his son will not write anymore to this blog!! So it seems the Navi (CD Keller yes the person who Rabbi Sherer had to give his declaration that he is a godol!! I always thought that becoming a godol was based upon what you do and the way you act in life or maybe he was just referring to a different type of godol like having Yungermans pull pants down like he said he will do to Rabbi Gifter) and ben ben navi (YD Keller who by the way thinks he is taking over his grandfather I got a little surprise in store for you) are navim sheker for the ?????? time (sorry I lost track of how many times) because I can promise you it is not Rabbi Gifter or his sons writing this blog and I guarantee all of you this blog will not stop until Morainu's Tzav HoAchron is fulfilled.

Lets daven that this is the light at the end of the tunnel and Telshe Yeshiva will be able to turn over a new leaf and become what the Rosh Yeshivas in the past wanted the yeshiva to be. A place were bochurim in what ever generation it is can come and learn. (Yes that means that the yeshiva will have to change just like the generation changes. You can ask every rebbe if the children that they teach today are the same as they were 10, 20, 30, and yes even 65 years ago its nice to dream that you are back in pre world war but you are not, you are now in the year 2008 you have to accommodate and not ignore or cover up what is happening around you (yes levitansky and stein we are talking to you).

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