Saturday, February 14, 2009

From the Mailbag

Somebody please write:

a limud zechus why Rav Ahron Levitansky The Rosh Mechina went to a goieshe court when there was an injunction of the beis din against it

a limud zechus on Rabbi Aharon Epstien that volunteered to go to a goieshe court (of course Telshe Yeshiva compensated him)

a limud zechus on The Fuchs Bet Sefer Mizrachi for allowing Epstein to perpetrate Machlokes and evil behavior while on Mizrachi time and pay

a limud zechus why weeks after the court's ruling, the independent accountants who were hand Picked by The yeshiva's hanhalah (by court order) still do not have all the necessary accounting from Rabbi Levitansky (and Rabbi Epstein) where Levitansky spent the Yeshiva's money? Money that they took without the courts permission.

Until they turn over a cheshbon, where and for what they spent they money, the books cannot be reconciled. Until then the Rabbeim cannot be paid!
Please show where you spent the money so these families can pay their bills!

A limud zechus as why the gossiper says her husband will only give the accountants the papers he thinks they need and is withholding information ordered by the court - in the interest of the Yeshiva!

Perhaps this is another thing we can blame on Rabbi Zelman??

FRUM FROM CHICAGO these issues need immediate attention! Please go to Rav A.C. Levine, who the hanhalah says "they do not do anything without consulting Rabbi AC Levin", and plead with him that this hideous and most disgusting behavior cease immediately so that the yeshivas interest can be put in front of their personal hatred toward Rabbi Zalman!

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