Saturday, February 14, 2009

To Anon: 8:51

You wrote: "That means publishing the names of the individuals involved (including the yungerman)"

The Yingerman's FUTURE interaction in our community is not the primary focus of our blog.

This should and must be handled by the Rabbanim in our city. They know who he is. It is their obligtion to protect our children.

We need not crucify the yingerman publicly ... unless the Rabbanim shirk their responsibility. Then we will publish the name of the Rav whose Beis Medrish the Yingerman frequents DAILY!

Are you listening Rabbi _ _?! He hangs is your Beis Medrash all day and to date you have not stopped him from interacting with young men. You know who you are - and so do we! You have an achrayus to our community to protect our children!

Rabbi, did you get my letter yet? You will. You don't want the bizyonos in the community of farenfiring why you were protecting a 'potential' child molester do you?

Please make gedarim for him NOW - before the public finds out that YOU TOO protected and covered for him like Ahraleh Levitansky did! You need the communities funding and we wont be forgiving! We don't really want to, but we will publish your name!

You have an achrayus to our community! Please think about our children?

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