Saturday, February 14, 2009

From the mailbag:

Rabbi Levitansky . . . since you were the one who filed suit in the Cuyahoga county common pleas court against Rabbi Gifter, instead of going to a beis din or responding to the summons of the beis din, please ALSO ask the judge to rule on the legality of the commission you took from Telshe Yeshiva of OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

Yes, we all know you took $125,000, from the Telz Yeshiva, when they were desperate for every last penny they could get! And you are NOT a commissioned fund raiser for the Yeshiva - you are a self appointed "Head of Hanhala"!

In fact by your very own admission, at the Telz banquet last year 2007, you expressly and explicitly declined ANY KIND of monetary compensation, reward or even recognition for the 450,000 that Mr. Martin Strauss donated to Telshe Yeshiva - because as you yourself said - you NEVER went out to solicit it for the Yeshiva, you did not labor for it at all - it just fell into your lap, (Mr. Strauss was looking for a way to give away these funds) and as such you "didn't feel entitled to a commission"! YOU WERE RIGHT - you didnt deserve any recognition at all!

Fact: Mr. Martin Strauss called you up and said his son who died left a million dollar+ insurance policy that was to be distributed to Tzedakah and here is $450,000 for the Telshe Yeshiva, to be used for back pay for the Rabbeim!

Unlike the Mikveh in Chicago that was built from Mr. Strauss' money - YOU & ONLY YOU took a commission!

That money was given by Mr. Strauss as a means to bring all rabbeim salaries up to date (and would have, until you got greedy and a few months later demanded a pay off!). No wonder you were soooo upset and had to fly off to Chocago to save yourself when somoen anonymously sent a letter to Mr. Strauss informing him of your GREEDY GRAB for his money! How did you get out of that? More LIES?!!

So RAL since you dont feel beholden to Shulchan Aruch and a Beis Din why don't you ask the judge: Your Honor was this even Legal? Was this MORAL and Ethical?

Oh, and your honor, I am taking this commission grab as a SALARY INCREASE (vs. a commission) and therefore it's costing the yeshiva and additional 8.75% in FICA/Social Security payments (so that when I retire, it will look like I was making more money than I really was in "truth" (TRUTH DEF: an extinct form of speech and conduct - defunct in the NEW TELSHE!). This way when I retire I will get a bigger social security check from uncle Sam - even though I am NOT entitled to it - because it was a one time commission payment and NOT A SALARY!

Btw, since this money would have brought the Rabbi's salaries up to date but now because of my GRABBED commission it has not... was this too an open lie to them ans ALL those attending the banquet?

Your Honor ,, since I am very rarely at the Mechina as I travel out of town almost every week on personal business and the Mechina is still falling apart, its student body drastically declining, the quality of students are mediocre (at best!). . . WHEN I CONTIUE TAKING MY REGULAR FULL SALARY IS THAT ALSO CALLED STEALING?

What is it called when I try to cover my deceitful tracks by causing discontent, machlokes, spreading lies, defaming honest hard working Rabbis, defying an order from the Jewish court, trying to forcefully take over a Yeshiva that I have no rights to?

Your Honor do you think I am the proper example to set for our children today?


HoRav Ahraleh Levitansky

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