Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Letter We Received In The Mailbox:

To the readers of "Rischan Dioraysa – the fight "FOR" Torah!"

A story is told of a grandfather who sent a letter to his son asking that his grandson come join him in the family business. Knowing how loving and religious his father was he agreed. While the business matters were taken quit seriously so were the loving and religiousness never was a minyan missed and never a day of learning. But one day everything changed.

With a sudden heart attack the entire responsibility of the business fell upon the shoulders of the teenager grandson. Putting his whole heart into the business it moved to a higher level and became a major corporation worth millions. But one thing suffered – the Torah and mitzvos. It all began with missing Minchah and than escalated. Before long, Shabbos and everything else was nothing more than an afterthought. That is, until one day. He was walking down the street when suddenly he noticed a distraught young boy, perhaps 7 or 8 years old, sitting on the stoop of a building. His initial reaction was to continue walking but then his conscience got hold of him and he asked the boy what was wrong. The boy could barely get the words out. The young boy sobbed pitifully and it took him a while to calm the boy down. Finally the boy was able to get his story out. The boy came from a very poor family. Tonight was the first night of Chanikah and the boys father had saved up for weeks to be able to buy oil with which to light the Chanukah menorah. This morning the boys father had sent him to purchase the oil, warning him to be careful when bringing it home. At this point the boy's voice lowered and spoke in broken words. "I bought the bottle of oil but then as I was running home I tripped over a rock – "for the first time he noticed that the boy was holding a shattered bottle in his hands. Immediately his eyes began to mist over. He remembered what it was like to be young and couldn't help but think about how he had loved to make his grandfather proud. But then his thoughts took a different turn. How would his grandfather look at him now? What would he think of the grandson he had loved so much? Now there was nothing left but shattered dreams. Nothing would disappoint his grandfather more than his grandson. How could he have forsaken all that his grandfather had taught him?

Overwhelmed by his emotions, he turned to the boy and pulled out enough money to buy twenty bottles of oil – all in exchange for the broken bottle that the boy held in his hand. He picked up the broken bottle and walked home slowly, pensively, taking the long way home. On one of the street signs there was a notice informing the community that a maggid had come to town and would be speaking that evening. Newly inspired by the bottle he held in his hand he decided to attend. The maggid approached the podium and began to speak, "Eich e'eleh el avi v'hana'ar einenu iti?" Simply understood, it is Yehudah's pleading question to Yoesf: How can I go up to face my father without having Binyomin with me? However the maggid revealed a deeper, homiletical meaning of this pasuk. "How can I approach "Avi", my Father in Heaven, when the na'ar, the boy of my youth, the child inside of me, is no longer with me?"

This compelling thought touched the depths of his soul. How can he face his grandfather without being the same na'ar he once was? And how will he face his Master without the purity of his youth? Immediately he made up his mind: he was going to return to the ways of his past. He would recommit to a life a Torah and would indeed make his grandfather proud.

To the members of the FALLACIOUS FIVE and all the tag kalongs' (Keller, Levin, Very Big Stein, Epstein, Barkin, Schainbaum) don't you think the time has come to ask yourself "How can I approach "Avi", my Father in Heaven, when the na'ar, the boy of my youth, the child inside of me, is no longer with me." Do you think for a moment that the court would not order you to give a full accounting of all Telshe or Telshe - related funds and financial transactions from the past year? And didn't your lawyer say that all parties will cooperate fully with the CPA's to give them all records or any other information they ask for? (Maybe we the outsiders should be "dan lkaf zechus" you are cooperating! and you are not giving over the records of how you spent the 130,000 + dollars you took when the judge lifted the freeze and all the Telshe – or for the related funds that you put into the Telz Chicago account because you don't have the records you destroyed them so there should not be any tracks left behind that you paid back an unauthorized loan to Barkin co.) One more thing do you think that you can trick the CPA's to have Rabbi Gifter sign a paper giving you the power to get rid of the CPA's and put in whoever ("Epstein") you would like instead because these 2 CPA's are doing their job and not letting the judge lift the freeze from the bank accounts or from the United States Postal System which froze the mail (are you going to sue the USPS like you tried to sue the banks for freezing the accounts originally and then saying that it was Rabbi Gifter who brought it to court who are you fooling? (just for your info I think it was one of the members of the FALLACIOUS FIVE (give me the gold-berg) who took the mail from the office and locked it up so that the yeshiva secretary cant do her job)

Thank you FALLACIOUS FIVE for all the support you are giving the Kollel families that depend on the check from yeshiva to put food on the table, pay tuition and pay bills how much longer will it take for you to see the light, there is more to running a Yeshiva than saying you learn Torah i can give a shiur you have to be an ehrliche Yid (an upstanding Jew).

Sincerely yours,
A Dedicated Telzer

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